7 Reasons To Never Give Up by Alton Jamison

My life has been full of challenges and obstacles. However, I realized that life is not about the smartest person or the strongest person, or even the richest person. Rather, life is about having the tenacity and the persistence to Never Give Up, even when you feel like giving up is the only option. I am here to tell you that you are too important to this world to give up. The world is waiting on your gifts. Here are 7 Reasons To Never Give Up:

1) Life Won’t Be The Same Without You

• You are important to this world and believe it or not, someone is waiting on you to bloom to enrich their lives. Yeah, I know you’re saying that nobody cares about you, but trust me, somebody does. You are too important to the world to just quit!

2) What If You Win

• You may feel like life is constantly challenging you and you can’t take it anymore. You may want to quit right now, even as you are reading this. But here is a thought, what if you win the next fight or what if you overcome the next obstacle. You will never know if you give up!

3) What Is Your Light Bulb

• Thomas Edison failed over 2000 times trying to create  the incandescent light bulb. When asked, he said he didn’t fail, he just found 2000 ways not to make a light bulb. So what are  the light bulbs in your life? What is that thing you can’t get right….don’t give up….because you are about to discover what you have been looking for.

4) Focus On The Future

• When an Olympic runner is in a race, he or she is focusing on one thing….the finish line. You have to focus on the big picture…not just where you are right now. Focus on where you want to be.

5) Learn To Say I Won’t

• Make an agreement with your mind and your mouth, that you “Won’t” give up, you “Won’t” be another statistic….you “Won’t” be a failure.

6) Life Ain’t No Crystal Stair

• One of my favorite poems is by Langston Hughes, called “Crystal Stair”. In that poem it’s a mother talking to her son telling him that “life ain’t no crystal stair”. In otherwords, life is tough, it has cracks and rough spots, but the ultimate end is victory…..but only to those who stood their ground and rode the course.

7) There Is A Rainbow After Every Storm

•Regardless of what you are facing, you can make it through…There is a rainbow on the other side of your situation. Stay strong, stay focused and……never give up!

Alton Jamison
“Teaching Real Methods To Help Young People Overcome Real Problems”
Professional Speaker, Author and Success Coach