About this Site

This organisation is all about championing young talent and through the spotlight section on the website we will be working directly with young talent, promoting their work and helping them with their career development. Our aim as an organisation is to help as many young people as possible achieve their dreams.

We want to work with as many young people with as many different talents as possible. Whether you want to try your hand at a new talent or you are looking to take that step to turn your talent in to your career this website is for you.

This website works on behalf of its users. As well as providing information, providing an online community and promoting young talent through the website we will be promoting our users to the world. Each time someone (or group) is featured in our spotlight section we then work with the local and national media to get the person or group featured some media exposure. As well as sending press releases to the media we also send the details of the featured person / group on to our contacts within the industry that their talent relates to. This could be sending information of an up and coming band to a record label or contacting a head football scout about an exciting new player.

The website was designed by a good friend of mine Mark Sanders who turned my ideas in to reality as I have no clue about designing websites and without him it would have remained just another idea in my head. He gave up his time for free to help me out which I am very grateful for.

This website is here for its users and to continue to promote the message of the Talented Young People organisation. “Envisage it, Believe it, Achieve it.” If your vision is clear enough and your belief strong enough then achieving your dreams is just a formality.

In 2007 Adam Sibley and Talented Young People won the following awards:

  • UK Youth Award
  • NAGC Supporting Gifts and Talents – Most Supportive Individual Award