Having graduated with a BA(Hons) degree in Broadcasting Studies, 23 year-old Adam Sibley found there was very little information and advice available to motivate young people and help them to achieve their dreams. He therefore decided to look at how this information could be made available and in November 2006 he founded the Talented Young People Organisation, developing as a free interactive resource tool for young people aged between 13 and 24 years who have dreams to fulfil but need a helping hand on the way.

The website is a one stop shop where young people can get advice, ideas, talk to experts, talk to other talented young people and promote themselves.

Adam has spent a considerable amount of time helping young people; he was a counsellor for two years at a summer camp in the USA and since then assists with promotional activities for Camp America, encouraging other young people from the UK, to help children in America during their summer holidays. He also coaches the local youth football team Liskeard Juniors on a weekly basis.

He is passionate about young people achieving their dreams and ironically by establishing the Talented Young People organisation he has been able to achieve one of his own ambitions. One of his aims is to help combat the negative pre-conceptions that many have of young people in today’s society and allow individuals access to the advice and inspiration they may need to fulfil their dreams and make a positive impact on their own life and that of those around them.

Since launching the website in November 2006, Adam has worked tirelessly to promote the website to greater audiences, sending emails to hundreds of organisations and individuals connecting with young people who may find the Content on Talented Young People useful to them. He has had minimal financial resources available to him yet using innovative methods and perseverance he has now managed to build a stable base of over 1000 unique visitors a week which is growing every day.

Every week, Adam has been exploring new ways to connect with young people whilst developing the range of content available online. With Adam undertaking all activities within the organisation, from obtaining and publishing new content for the site to verifying new applications to join the online community forum, most would agree that he has done a fantastic job to build the site to what it is today.

As well as his full time job in the media industry and developing his organisation, Adam continues to devote any remaining spare time to his charitable interests. These include his local Hospital Radio station where he has been a member for the last 5 years and currently holds the position of Honorary Treasurer. He also does some work for the “Make a Wish” organisation, helping less fortunate children and young people around the UK.

Adam has recently been appointed as a “Make Your Mark Connector” following his work establishing Talented Young People. With the “Make Your Mark” organisation he helps inspire other young entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams, just as he is trying to do.

Adam never feels that work for his organisation is complete; he is continually considering new ideas and is always looking at how he can build upon what he has achieved so far in order to better things further. He has many big plans for his organisation that go far beyond the realms of his website and he hopes that his work will in time have a positive impact on many young people’s lives.