Tips and advice on how to become a professional Actor supplied by world renowned Acting Coach Dee Cannon

  1. TRAINING: There is no substitute for professional training. Audition for a place at a 3 year accredited drama school. If that doesn’t work out seek out a 1 or 2 year course. If for some reason you don’t train at a drama school – take workshops or find a good acting coach. Your acting, voice and body must all be trained.
  2. PUNCTUALITY: Being on time is everything – learn to be on time or you waste our time.
  3. HEADSHOTS AND CV’S: You must get good headshots that look like you. Find a good photographer, a recommendation or someone that advertises in “Contacts.” You must have a CV that is representative of the work you have actually done not what looks good on paper. You must be able to back everything up that’s on your CV.
  4. PRESENTATION: If you go up for an audition or general meeting dress appropriately. If you’re going up for a specific role wear something that suggests the character.
  5. DON’T BE THROWN: Be focused and concentrated at auditions. Don’t be put off or lose confidence if the other actors look like you or don’t look like you. It could be that the directors are not always sure what they are looking for until they see it.
  6. READ AND WATCH: Be well read – read as many plays as you can from all genres. See as much theatre as you can from dramas, to comedy, to classical, to musicals. West End, fringe, Rep. Good, bad and indifferent – try to see alot it will always put you at an advantage and be an invaluable point of reference. See films, go to art galleries which is good food for your imagination.
  7. HOMEWORK: Always do your homework. Know who you are auditioning for. By researching, you may find connections to other people and projects. You should research and learn about the style and genre of a project or it’s creators. Likewise, watch TV and get familiar with the show.
  8. RESEARCH: Once you have the role, you should do as much background work on your character as you can. Researching the period in as much detail as possible, Write a biography for you character and fill in the back story as imaginatively as possible.
  9. DIRECTION: Be gracious and receptive to feedback and direction both in audition circumstances and also during rehearsals. Don’t challenge, make excuses or try to explain yourself. Stay open and be easy to direct.
  10. GOOD WORK: Whether you get the role or not – casting directors, directors remember good work and good attitude. Always show yourself in the best light possible by being prepared, professional and positive.

Tips and advice on how to become a professional Actor supplied by world renowned Acting Coach Dee Cannon.