Tips and advice on how to become a professional Singer supplied by leading Vocal Coach Helen Cannell

1. Before you start get a good voice coach to give you some warm -ups and advice about how to use your voice.

2. ALWAYS warm up your voice with some exercises before you sing.

3. Look for songs that are comfortably in your range and never push your voice.

4. Remember to breathe! Maybe obvious but many people try to sing without-which is like running a car without petrol.

5. Be yourself-don’t try to copy other singers or you will always just be a second or third rate version of the original.

6. Make sure you work on your all round fitness, diet and maybe take up swimming. The business is image conscious but also physically demanding so all of the above will help with stamina. Fast food and sugary food makes you tired and you need slow release food to keep your energy up. Swimming / aerobic activity and skipping helps with your breathing.

7. Always seek the advice of someone in the know before auditioning anywhere-so you can get an outside opinion. Mums and friends can be supportive but not objective and an industry professional can check how you are coming across, how your voice is sounding and whether the songs are a good choice.

8. Watch and listen to a lot of successful artists, so you can see how different they all are from one another. Then work on your own individuality. Enjoy yourself!

9. See if you can hook up with other young musicians so you can collaborate and experiment together and write some songs/ accompany each other.

10. Always take care of your voice. You are only given one and until you are 28 the vocal chords haven’t stopped growing. Always err on the careful side as extensive damage cannot be put right and then it’s “game over”.

Tips and advice on how to become a professional Actor supplied by leading Vocal Coach Helen Cannell.