Tips and advice on how to become a professional Dancer supplied by Fiona Barclay Dance Principal at the Funky Feet Dance School

  1. Find a dance school that is run by fully qualified staff. All professional dance teachers will have taken exams and achieved Qualifications to teach. Without this you are unlikely to get the tuition want or need as well as not being insured etc.
  2. Be happy in the school that you choose. You must not at any time feel intimatedated, threatened or bullied in any way. Not by your teacher, the principal or any other pupil. If you are then start looking for another school!!!!!!!
  3. Practice, practice and practice. You may only be able to attend one or two dance classes a week, but you can work at home.
  4. Listen to what your teacher tells you! We are not there to make you feel bad, our job is to correct you when your not doing things right. So don’t take offence – we are helping you!!
  5. Try to get as much performance experience as possible; getting used to the performance ups and downs is all part of the experience. The downs? Perhaps the waiting around, the hustle and bustle (if your not used to it) the biggest up? Has to be when you perform.
  6. Don’t get down hearted if your dance, your show; your piece didn’t go well. So long as you are 100% confident that you did the very best you could, then hold your head up and prepare for the next time having learned and experienced that mistake.
  7. Show true sportsmanship by wishing other dancers luck – in the theatre, at an audition, wherever the situation arises. Better to be known as a good dancer with a kind heart than a good dancer who is nasty. You’d be surprised how quickly things like that get around on this industry, even in auditions. Possible dance companies looking for dancers will always look for someone who can support others, not upset the applecart!
  8. Always dance your best, you hardest. You must work just as hard at a rehearsal and a class as you would in your finished piece. If you did this every time think how strong you would be at that critical moment when you really need it.
  9. Stretch, stretch and streeeeeeeeeech. I know it can be tedious doing those stretches everyday but it works. I should know, I’ve seen the proof over the last 19 years and believe me your teacher will be able to tell if you’ve not been doing those important stretches!!!
  10. My final tip has to be the most important. HAVE FUN. Enjoy what you are doing, always. If your not enjoying it then the dance becomes a task, that then shows – not good. Find a class where you are happy feel confident, look forward to going to every week then everything above will just fall into place.


Tips and advice on how to become a professional Dancer supplied by Fiona Barclay Dance Principal at the Funky Feet Dance School.