Feature on Club Flix

Club Flix is a Bath based film club run by young people for young people. If you are 13-21 years old Club Flix is for YOU! Are you a young writer or director? Do you want to work behind the camera or get in front of it? Club Flix is somewhere that you can connect with other young people and get your own short films started!

So what is Club Flix all about?

Club Flix is a film network for 13-21 year olds. We’re based in Bath but our website allows us to connect with young people all over the world! Club Flix is run by a steering group of 12 young people who organise and mentor events including filmmaking workshops, screenings and pitching opportunities. The website Forum means young people can talk to each other about their ideas and get their short films off the ground.

How did Club Flix get started?

Club Flix was started in February 2005, supported by Suited and Booted Studios in Bath. We’ve gone from strength to strength and have run 4 seasons of events, involving young people from all over the South West

and further a field. Club Flix commissions short films as well as featuring content on the website and offering support and advice about how to get your projects made.

How many members do you currently have and how many more members can you accept?

Club Flix is an open access club. If you’re 13-21, Club Flix is for YOU! You can get involved in a number of ways: sign up for a filmmaking workshop, attend a short film screening event, submit your own films to our online showcase or sign up to our online Forum. If you’re interested in film and have ideas about how we could improve our club, drop us an email and let us know your thoughts!

What is your role within the organisation?

I’m Club Flix’s Development and Support Worker meaning that I assist in co-ordinating events, running workshops and planning future activities as well as promoting the exceptional amount of young talent there is out there!

You have helped so many young people with various film projects what
have been some of your favourite and best films you have seen produced?
We recently ran a ‘Make a Comedy Film in a Day’ workshop where small crews of young people who had never worked together before produced a short comic film in just one day without any prior planning! It was an intense day but the three shorts that were produced were a great testament to the young people involved. There’s one about a man who loses control of his feet when out in town one day and the results are hilarious & surreal but hilarious! There’s another short in pre-production at the moment that Club Flix have commissioned, telling the story of a young boy’s adventure in a parallel world when he gets sucked through the back of a washing machine. There he meets the sock monster who steals odd socks. I’m really excited to see how it turns out!

You get to see first hand what young people can do in film given the
opportunities and the equipment to do so. What advice to do you give your budding filmmakers with aspirations of making a career out of it?
Filmmaking has never been easier to get involved in! Borrow a digital camcorder from a friend or relative, write a simple script and go out and shoot! Then, with simple editing programmes freely available on PCs and Macs, edit your film and post it online! Better still, send it to Club Flix for the chance of getting it on our showcase and included in our short film screening events! Check out our website for details of submitting your stuff and for hints, tips and links.

Do you work with any other media organisations?

Club Flix is supported by Suited and Booted Studios, a community video production company in Bath. We have close links with a number of other young people’s film clubs in the region and media production companies. See our ‘Useful Stuff’ page for some of our favourites.

Is Club Flix only open to people in
Bath to join?
No, Club Flix is open to everyone! Although our events tend to take place in the Bath / Bristol area, we have links with organisations,festivals and production companies all over the country and we aim to connect with young people from all over the world via our website!

Are there any plans to set up any other Club Flix groups around the
Club Flix has big plans for the future! If you think there ought to be something like Club Flix in your area, drop us an email and tell us why!

What are your plans for the coming year, any big events we should be
watching out for?
We’re just coming to the end of our 4th season of events. We have our short film screening night ‘Your Screen’ Featuring films made by young people from all over the country on March 28th and an event called “Wild Film History” On April 2nd which is an evening of archivefootage showing the development of natural history filmmaking over the past 100 years and is being hosted by some key natural history filmmakers. Keep checking our website for details of future events and let us know if you have any suggestions!

How can people go about becoming a member with Club Flix and what do

you get when you become a member?
There is no membership with Club Flix, you can get involved whenever you like. Events are generally free or cost just £1. For young people living in the Bath area, you can join the Club Flix Cinema Club which entitles you to a year’s free membership at the Little Cinema Theatre,Bath and includes all sorts of brilliant discounts.