Join our petition to get a fairer deal for students!

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Join our petition to get a fairer deal for students!

Postby Adam Sibley on Mon Sep 10, 2007 6:18 pm

We here at Talented Young People are petitioning government and we need your help.

We think students need a fairer deal from the government and universities.

So we our petitioning the Prime Minister to use his power to encourage educational establishments to form closer links with industries.

With many college and university graduates failing to get jobs in the specialisms that they have studied in or at least get jobs in those industries which match their skills for which they are paid below the expected graduate salary.

With tuition fees continuing to go through the roof we implore the government to use their power to get educational establishments to give their graduates more opportunities to earn a salary at which they can pay back their student debt.

We would like educational establishments to work with people and companies from the industries in which they run courses in. We want them to work in partnership to devise courses and modules that will give students real skills that are applicable to today?s marketplace. We want industries and educational establishments to also work in partnership to offer work experience, work placements and jobs to graduates and under graduates in their educational establishments.

To sign our petition go to:

Can you all please send this information on to all your contacts and post it on your MySpace or Facebook. It's only with your support that we can make a difference.
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