Guide on how to Survive Auditions

If you are trying to pursue a career in the performing arts like acting or singing at some stage you will have to take part in an audition. Auditions can be put simply the hardest job interviews in the world as that is what they really are. An audition is a way in which you get to show your prospective employer what level you are at and where your possible employer gets to see if you are the right person for the job. With job interviews you can waffle and make yourself sound good or better than you actually are whereas in auditions you can’t fake it as you are only given a few minutes to show what you’ve got where you don’t talk about what you can do, you just got to show what you can do.

Many successful people in the performing arts world can retell tales of the hundreds and thousands of auditions they went on in order to get their breaks. Many people can retell horror stories from audition nightmares; just the word audition is enough to scare many people.

In order to survive an audition you need to be prepared. You need to have your performance piece mastered and you need to be in the right mind frame to be able to deliver that performance to your best ability under the pressure of a real audition situation. Many talented people have lost out on auditions because of their nerves or not being able to deal with the pressure. Likewise there are many people who have all the confidence and ability to deal with an audition environment but have not mastered their performance to the standard it should be and lost out. If you can master both sides you have a great chance of doing well at an audition.

The key to being successful is preparation. Before you audition you need to know exactly what the company are looking for and what they expect in the audition. There is no point going to an audition for a part that will be played by a twelve year old boy if you are a sixteen year old girl. Casting people and other performing arts companies have a clear picture in their head before they start the auditions of what they are looking for so be sure to read all the information and the fine print before attending. Another scenario is if you are a good actor and go and audition for a musical but you can’t sing. Usually in a musical audition you will be required to both act and sing so again check what is required.

After you have the basics nailed then you need to do deeper research to find out what the company holding the auditions are like, what type of productions they are involved in, what type of people they have cast before and so on. Don’t be afraid to go too deep, find out about the people that are going to be judging you, leave no stone unturned, do whatever you can do to give yourself an edge and to make sure they remember you.

Remember to tick all the boxes. If a company asks you to confirm acceptance of an audition time ring them up and confirm don’t leave it to emails as they can get lost, make sure they know you are coming. Whilst on the phone to them double check all the information about the audition including time and venue location. You will be surprised at the number of people who have turned up at the wrong time or at the wrong venue for auditions.

Before you audition you need to make sure you are as fit and healthy as you can be for the day. That means eating right and getting the right amount of rest and exercise. You only get one chance to impress at auditions so you need to make sure that you are at your best for the audition. So no staying up to all hours in the week before an audition or going out in the rain and getting a cold.

If you are travelling a long distance to an audition remember to set off in plenty of time and where possible to find a nearby hotel to stay the night before. The last thing you need is the stress of getting lost of not being able to find a venue before your audition. Also remember to take food and water with you for your audition as there may be a long wait and you need to keep your energy up.

Don’t get scared by other auditionees. When you go to auditions you are going to see a lot of other people of varying levels of talent and experience. Remember it’s a dog eat dog world in auditions and to not pay any attention or be put off by what some other people may say or do. Just remember that regardless of it there are 5 auditionees or 50,000 they are only going to put through the person or people that they like and that doesn’t change regardless of numbers so as long as you are the one they like the numbers are irrelevant.

Network with other auditionees. These other auditionees may have experience or information of other auditions that you can go on. Be sure to be careful though to make sure they aren’t winding you up or not telling you the truth as again it is a dog eat dog world in auditions.

Keep a level head and don’t get stressed. During an audition day there can be a lot of waiting around and a lot of stress and pressure going around. You need to keep focused on what you are going to do, don’t get affected by what is happening around you. Bring aids which help you keep in the right frame of mind like a portable music device or a book. If you are using your voice or engaging in physical activity for your audition make sure you have warmed up correctly and at the right time, so you need to know how much time before your audition you need to start doing your warm ups.

Pay attention to all the staff at the audition they will be telling you important information of where to go and what to do. If you don’t understand or are unsure of something ask the staff don’t sit there in silence. It may also help to make sure that the staff remember you and that you make an impression on all staff members as you never know if it might creep up in conversation between staff and may help your cause.

All in all be prepared but don’t over think it. If you spend the weeks before the audition thinking about if you are going to be successful or not successful then it can affect you on the day. Just aim to give your best audition as that is all you can control. You can’t control who the company are going to select but you can control the quality of your audition. If you do your best you can’t have done anymore.

Regardless of whether you are successful or not be sure to learn from every audition experience and apply what you have learnt to the next audition situation.