This section consists of in depth guides compiled and written by the Talented Young People team alongside others which have been written by industry professionals and organisations. All guides have been thoroughly researched from many sources. These guides act as a comprehensive blueprint to achieving your dreams.

Guide on how to Survive Auditions

If you are trying to pursue a career in the performing arts like acting or singing at some stage you will have to take part in an audition. Auditions can be put simply the hardest job interviews in the world as that is what they really are. An audition is a way in which you get to show your prospective employer what level you are at and where your possible employer gets to see if you are the right person for the job. With job interviews you can waffle and make yourself sound good or better than you actually are whereas in auditions you can’t fake it as you are only given a few minutes to show what you’ve got where you don’t talk about what you can do, you just got to show what you can do. Many successful people in the performing arts world can retell tales of the hundreds and thousands of auditions they went on in order to get their breaks. Many people can retell horror stories from audition nightmares; just the word audition is enough to scare many people. In order to survive an audition you need to be prepared. You need to have your ...
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Guide on how to promote yourself

Regardless of what talent you are pursuing whether it be a performing art, a sporting activity or an academic talent you will usually need to have a strong following or fan base to help you achieve your dream. In the modern era it is getting easier and easier to do this with increasing opportunities and technological advancements. So in this section we are going to take you through ways you can promote yourself. Now for years the tried and tested way to promote yourself has been to have your very own website. This is still very important in today's world as having your own website gives you the platform to let people know who you are and what you are about. It also gives you the chance to keep people updated with your latest news and provides a way for people to contact you. The main way people find out about companies, events and individuals is through search engines on the internet. It is important that you make sure that your website is well designed and ranks highly in searches on engines like Google. Once someone has found your site you then to keep them coming back and you do ...
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Guide on how to get signed to a Record Label

The music industry is one of the hardest industries to get into. Each year there are thousands of young talented musicians, singers, acts, DJ's and producers trying to get signed but there are only a handful of record labels taking on new talent. This has meant getting signed is getting even harder to accomplish. With musical and recording equipment becoming even cheaper and with technology moving at an extremely high pace it has meant that it is now easier and cheaper for young people to get in to music and record themselves with a high quality end product. It's not just changes in technology which is getting more people in to music as media and the internet are playing just as big a part. Now nearly every other weekend there is a singing talent show on TV in prime time watched by millions of people up and down the country like 'X-Factor', 'Britain's Got Talent' and 'The One and Only'. These shows are inspiring young people to get in to music as they are making it seem so accessible and so popular. The Internet is playing just a big a part as the media as sites like MySpace and YouTube ...
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Guide on how to get into TV

TV is hard industry to break in to. Millions of people grow up watching TV and it plays a big part in the lives of many from informing them to entertaining them. Working in the Television industry is seen as glamorous work and is very much in demand because of this. The landscape of TV has seen many technological advances in recent years from the invention of Satellite to the Digital switchover currently taking place in the UK. This has seen an explosion of channels and choice on our TV screens which has meant more companies starting up and more jobs becoming available. If this wasn't enough we are now at the beginning of an Internet TV revolution with more and more programmes being aired on the Internet. The first thing you need to decide when you want to start a career in TV is what area of the Television industry you want to get in to. One of the most sought after positions in TV is the presenter position. The presenters are the people we see coming through our TV screens but the truth is that there are many people working behind the scenes to make sure the presenter ...
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Guide on how to get into Radio

Working in Radio is a very popular career choice so the competition to secure a career is fierce. People start listening to the radio at a very young age so the inspiration to work in Radio is injected very early on. Many Radio presenters are seen as either local or national celebrities and it's this status that encourages many young people to pursue it as a career choice. Through new technology advances like Digital Radio, Podcasting and Internet Broadcasting more stations and more jobs have opened up. It's not just new technology which is driving new jobs and new stations but also changes to licensing and Radio laws which has seen the recent rise of Community Radio Stations across the country. It isn't all good news though as in an increasingly competitive market Radio Stations and Networks have had to cut costs and change their output which has seen many local radio stations become part of large Networks. This has meant that many shows on their station have been replaced by shows which are syndicated through out the entire network which has meant less airtime for local presenters. Add to this the fact that many Community Radio Stations and Internet ...
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