Interview with Adam Sibley creator of

Are you unsure what this website is about? Do you want to know how to get the most out of this website? Then you need to read this interview with the founder of the Talented Young People organisation Adam Sibley.

So let’s start with the question everyone wants to ask how and why did you come up with this great idea?

Well when I was young growing up there were so many things I dreamed of being or doing but there was no one stop place where I could find out everything I needed to know about achieving my dreams which were at the time becoming a Radio Presenter or a writer. So I wanted to build a website where any aspiring talented young person could come and find out helpful tips and information to help them on their quest to fulfilling their dreams. I grew up in the rural county of Cornwall in England which was miles away from the big cities like London where a lot of people go to fulfil their dreams so I wanted a website that would bridge the gap between the big cities and the little towns a website that would help remove barriers that were put in their way. This is why we have the spotlight section on the website as I want to showcase people who have had barriers in their way to achieving their dreams the ones that can’t afford to go to twenty million auditions or those that have done hundreds of gigs but still not got the recognition they deserve. I want to promote the best in young talent and help them get on the map.

As you say your dream was to become a writer and a Radio Presenter why aren’t you out there pursuing those dreams instead of building this site?

Well at the age of 22 I have been lucky enough to achieve both of those dreams as I have presented on a national digital radio station and later this year my first book is due to be published. It wasn’t until after achieving these dreams that I found out what I really wanted to do with my life. To earn money while I was at university last year I worked as a checkout operator and there was this girl that always worked the same shift as me. Well every time I would see her I would ask her what was her dream and she would say without fail every day that she didn’t have one. She was just about to finish college and had no plans or ambition when I eventually left to go away and work at a children’s summer camp in America for a couple of months. When I came back from the states I saw her in town and she came bounding up to me and said she has enrolled on a course in criminology at University, she had found what she wanted in life and was making steps towards achieving it. She said to me that I saved her life to which I replied no you saved mine as after 22 years I have finally realised what I was put on this earth to do and that was to help and motivate others.

How will being spotlighted on the website help someone achieve their dreams?

Well before I came up with the idea for the website my original idea was to set up a monthly magazine which would be on sale at news agents across the country which would feature articles only on up and coming young talent. When looking in to this project it started to become very expensive and time consuming, this is when the idea of the website hit me. Now with the website we are now able to offer a more interactive service but I still want the stories of talented young people to be focus point of the website. By putting the stories of young talented people on a free to access website it opens their exposure to a bigger worldwide audience. As well as drawing viewers to the website through advertising and publicity we will be sending the stories of each person spotlighted to people that can help them achieve their dreams like if it was a story about an up and coming band we would send the story to record labels, local venues, talent agents etc. So as well as getting the band a public fan base from the viewers that log on to the site we would be helping them reach the next rung on the ladder towards their dream. One of the things most talented people can’t afford is a PR and marketing department and we aim to provide that service to our spotlighted people for free.

The website has its own forum, how do you hope this will be used and help talented young people?

I have been inspired by the extreme popularity of community based websites like MySpace so I wanted to develop a section of the site which would be a community for talented young people. The website like everything else on the website is free and has been put in place for talented young people to share thoughts and ideas on how they have gone about pursuing their talents. I also hope that members on the forum will be able to help each other like if a football player needed a new team to join or a film maker needed some actors for his film that they could place requests for help on the forum. Hopefully by taking part in the forum members will find out what has worked for other people and what hasn’t so thy have new ideas on what to try and do. Also on the forum there will be a section where the members can advertise themselves and plug websites, upcoming events they are appearing in etc.  I am all for the idea of young people helping you people and I think young people working together can achieve great things.

I see you are even launching your own brand of clothing.

Yes Team Totally Talented clothing will be available on the website. Team Totally Talented is a concept that I’m very much behind. Every talented young person has the right to say they are in Team Totally Talented. I want people to wear the clothing to show other people that they have a talent that they are proud of. All the clothing also features our web address and our slogan which I hope will encourage people who see others wearing the clothing to visit the site and pursue their talents.

Tell me more about the slogan.

The slogan for the website is ‘Envisage it, Believe it, Achieve it.’ I believe that when you have a dream if your vision is clear enough and that your belief is strong enough then achieving it is just a formality. If you are finding it hard to achieve your dreams you need to work harder on the first two steps.

So to wrap up what does the future hold for the website?

I have lots of ideas I would like to add to the website and the organisation. I would like to have a dedicated manned telephone line where people could ring in and be given practical advice on how they can pursue their talents. I would also like to start a weekly Radio Show which only featured music from talented young people and was presented by talented young people. Most of all I would like to hold annual live events and conferences which showcased young talent. At the moment though this website has been funded completely out of my own money and to make these dreams a reality I am looking for funding, sponsors and advertisers.

Thanks very much for your time today Adam is there anything else you would like to say before you let our viewers get back to seeing what the website has to offer?

Just want to say a big thanks to everyone that has made this happen. A big thanks especially goes to Mark Sanders who turned my ideas in to reality as I have no clue about designing websites and without him it would have remained just another idea in my head. In closing remember to never give up on your dream and as someone more famous than me said ‘with great sacrifice comes great reward.’