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A Poverty of Ambition by Al Duncan

"Focusing your life solely on making a buck shows a certain poverty of ambition. It asks too little of yourself." -Barack Obama, Knox College Commencement Address 2005 Even after hearing the phrase 'dream big' 3,297,391 times (or more) over the course of their life, most people still don't get it. 'Don't rock the boat.' 'Better safe than sorry.' 'A bird in the hand beats two in the bush.' These timeless maxims are sage advice. When taken to the extreme, however, they create a certain poverty of ambition. Of course, something tangible that is actually working or in your 'hand', is better than a wish or pipe dream. But here's the real question: Are those birds in the bush actually attainable? If you had a rock-solid plan and the wherewithal to execute it, is it possible for you to get those two birds? Is it probable? 'I'm going to get a degree in engineering or accounting.' If you love either of those two great professions then by all means go for it. But choosing a profession because it's the proverbial bird in the hand is the epitome of a poverty of ambition. A choice like that is why too many people ...
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A Lesson on Leadership from Jackie Robinson by Al Duncan

"A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives." -Jack Roosevelt 'Jackie' Robinson Yesterday, April the 15th, was the 60th anniversary of an exceptional act of leadership that has left an indelible mark on history. Jackie Robinson became the first African-American major league baseball player. Drifting into reverie while watching the ball games on Sunday, I wondered what it would be like to be a trendsetter of that magnitude. How would it feel to be a leader that has affected the lives millions and millions to come? What do you say to yourself when you know you've taken a swing at history, caught a ball for the future, and rounded the bases for the ages? You simply say that there is still more to be done and most importantly, you do it. Thank God that Jackie Robinson didn't think like many who say: 'I did what I was supposed to do. It's somebody else's turn.' Leadership is not about one time; it's about as many times as possible. A prominent business man and political activist, Jackie Robinson was a key leader in the establishment of the African-American owned and controlled Freedom Bank. In his syndicated newspaper ...
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A Lesson on Failure from Alfred H. Duncan, Sr.

'Happy first Fathers Day!' A warm, tingling sensation filled my chest as I responded to my father's words of congratulations: 'Thanks, Dad. Happy Father's Day to you, man.' After being on the phone for a few minutes longer, my father and I said our good-byes. As I stood there, in the middle of our kitchen, looking down at the bundle of endless potential in my arms, the sensation in my chest started to get more intense. 'I promise with all that is in me to be a good dad and to show you how to be good man.' Unable to really focus his eyes, Mekhi Eli, my one month old son, looked up at me as if to say: "You had better. I'm counting on you to lead the way." Then with a stretch and a yawn, it was back to sleep for my little man. As I contemplated various things to teach my son, I thought about how grateful I am for the myriad of lessons my father taught me. I wouldn't be half the man I am had it not been for him. But there is one lesson, for which I am extremely appreciative, that stands apart from ...
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7 Reasons To Never Give Up by Alton Jamison

My life has been full of challenges and obstacles. However, I realized that life is not about the smartest person or the strongest person, or even the richest person. Rather, life is about having the tenacity and the persistence to Never Give Up, even when you feel like giving up is the only option. I am here to tell you that you are too important to this world to give up. The world is waiting on your gifts. Here are 7 Reasons To Never Give Up: ) Life Won’t Be The Same Without You • You are important to this world and believe it or not, someone is waiting on you to bloom to enrich their lives. Yeah, I know you’re saying that nobody cares about you, but trust me, somebody does. You are too important to the world to just quit! Array) What If You Win • You may feel like life is constantly challenging you and you can’t take it anymore. You may want to quit right now, even as you are reading this. But here is a thought, what if you win the next fight or what if you overcome the next obstacle. You will never know ...
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10 Good Ways To Make a Great First Impression by Scott Greenberg

Our first meeting with someone sets the tone for our entire relationship. It also determines if there will be a relationship at all. It's critical that the first impression we make be a good one. And since you never know when you're going to meet someone important, you're well advised to take the following advice. 1. Dress well. People begin evaluating you before your first words are exchanged. Whether you're in formal, business or casual attire, make sure your outfit projects the best of your personality. 2. Have a mint. There's almost nothing more distracting or repelling than bad breath. Make a practice of brushing your teeth well and using mouthwash. Never turn down a breath mint (cause it might be breath hint.). 3. Have a moderately firm handshake. This goes for women as well as men. Weak handshakes make you seem unsure of yourself. If you're in a social setting, hold moist beverages in your left hand to keep your right hand dry. 4. Make good eye contact and stand up straight with your hands out of your pockets. This conveys confidence and respect. 5. Learn and use their name. Pay attention during introductions. Say things like 'It's nice to meet you, Steve.' To ...
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