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Movement by Nikki Bridger
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Imagine you're a living target and someone is aiming right at you. What do you do? You move away quickly.

Imagine now that the target is something you want, now what do you do? 'Well', I hear you say, that depends on a lot of things. You are so right but the majority of us want a lot of different things but we do very little to move in their direction. We have a fleeting flash of how it might look or feel but the sound and shape of FEAR soon dissipates the flash.

'What if she says he says, what if I crash and burn, what if I think I'm something I'm not, what if I actually succeed'

At some point 'the what if' becomes 'the what have I got to lose?', now there's a better question. The better the question we ask of ourselves the better the movement. We have a choice. Do we want to move further towards something or further away from it? If like me you've made a choice to move forward this year, 2007, forget the big stuff like the diet, the smoke, the fitness, the friends the career. That will all come.


Keep yourself moving. If it's towards something that has an overbearing hold, just shift the direction and walk away.

If you want to walk strong and firm on the right path for you, then move. Cause you're the arrow, the target's just up ahead.


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