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A Wonderfully Unpredictable Future! by Monique Howat
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Recently I asked some university students if they could predict what 2008 would hold for them. Surprisingly, almost all of them said they knew 'exactly what to expect.nothing!' 


Most said their lives were absolutely 'predictable and boring!' Some remembered being told that the best years of their life would be the university years. I listened more to find out that too many kids, while still in university, felt their lives had already  flat-lined! The new reality was that the parties and booze no longer held their attention like they used to.


If your life seems predictable and boring, shake it up? if you dare!  Do something you wouldn't normally do that sidesteps your usual routine. Here are a meagre few ideas to get your imagination going:


  1. If you've heard of 6 degrees of separation, try finding someone in just 6 tries.
  2. Strike up a conversation with someone you wouldn't normally talk with and really delve deeply because you never know what great adventures they have had that might even spark a flame for your own adventure.
  3. For your next vacation, take a trip somewhere out of the main nucleus of tourist locations. Hike the mountains into rural villages and live with the villagers.
  4. Build houses for Habitat for Humanity.
  5. Write letters or work for Amnesty international.
  6. Go on a 'working holiday' into the rainforests of Brazil.
  7. Do something that will help you feel alive on the inside again, just like the super fresh feeling of a polar dip plunge.

If you're still not inspired or motivated to make your life truly meaningful, try averaging out how many months are left  before you hit 30. Put one marble (for each month you have left) into a container.  Now, each month remove one marble.

Are you feeling it now? Make it great!


If you always do,

What you've always done

You'll always get

What you've already got!


All the very best to you,


Monique Howat ~ Self-esteem youth motivator.

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