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Health and Fitness by Kerry Girling

Health and Fitness by Kerry Girling
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What do the terms 'Health and fitness' mean to you? Do they mean occasionally going outside and throwing the ball around, maybe eating an apple or orange if you see one in the fridge or perhaps putting on your new roller blades, the ones you haven't touched for two years for a quick trip to the store for a bag of chips and a pop?


All to often, we fall into the trap of over eating or eating poorly and not supporting our bodies with the exercise and proper food intake that we need on a daily basis. We notice our bodies begin to lose their youthful vigor; we pack on excess pounds and quickly find ourselves succumbing to sickness or lackluster feeling due to binging on unhealthy or over-processed foods.


In this fast paced, fast food society, many of us fall victims to poor eating habits without realizing the effect this can have on our health and well being later on in our lives. It takes effort to manage a healthy diet and stick with it.


As a motivational speaker for the past five years, I've spoken to thousands of high school students about the dangers of unhealthy lifestyles, improper diet and irregular fitness and developed a reasonable fitness routine teens could follow on a daily basis. I'd seen too many overweight individuals with low self-esteem who needed help to get into shape.


I recall a young woman who approached me late last year after I gave a talk at a local high school. I could tell by her body language and mannerisms she had self-confidence issues. She said she had a weight problem and asked me to help achieve her fitness goals. I prescribed a complete fitness routine that she could follow and told her that her daily food intake, including the proper consumption of fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates and protein according to the Canada Food Guide would be the most important thing to follow. Three months later I received an email from her saying how she had lost thirty pounds from the routine I had given her. I could immediately tell that she had gained her self-confidence back and was happier in school. She said she felt like a new person.


So getting back to the first question What do the terms 'Health and Fitness' mean to you? Perhaps it's time to start making some changes. With a little effort and 'stick ability' you're bound to notice a marked improvement in you quality of life.

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