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Pain vs. Pleasure by Nikki Bridger
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When did you last ask yourself a good question?

Yon don't need to worry F&F (friends and family not Florence & Fred!) by going around talking to yourself out loud. Remember in the fairytales we are warned to be careful for what we wish for well it's the same with 'that great question'. Once it is released it begs for a response, we'll come back to that one.

Every minute of our lives we are doing something that moves us towards pleasure and away from pain. Ok? there are some who prefer pain, but they never look happy, do they?

This could be the root of our motivations. Did I go to the audition and then not go in because I thought I would 'balls it up', or did I go in because I knew I'd blow their socks off and get the part? Which won through? The thought of the pain it would give or the pleasure?

That is the question for you.

Remember the biggest reason we avoid pain is because of rejection. That is because our number one need as human beings is to be recognized or accepted. The rejection and humiliation is often too much to bear. Hiding in there is also FEAR. When you look fear full in the face, you realize it's just False Evidence Appearing Real!

I found this song called 'Pain v Pleasure'...enjoy.

Life was never meant

to be so hard

but through society's conditioning

we play that card

people submit

victimise and complain

ignoring association

to their pleasure and their pain

procrastination's a killer

of a silent kind

it slowly infests

to overtake your mind

it bleeds away achievement

momentum and success

robs you of fulfillment

and your happiness


pain versus pleasure

it's our driving force

it's where we get our inspiration

the original source

when we acknowledge that

there's one of two things to do

you can use it

or allow it to use you

most people don't succeed

until they experience great pain

they sabotage themselves

until there's nothing left to gain

then as a survival technique

they snap right out of strife

to overcome the tragedy

that has become their life

so think about the pain

if you don't follow through

the regret and the torment

that will build up in you

focus on your outcome

the pleasure and the gain

eliminate the negatives

and the temporary pain


it's about awareness

not being careless

about the way that your mind thinks

and how you use it

and not abuse it

about the message you link

so carefully choose your thoughts

make them the clear, make them strong

your ultimate reality

is what you focus on

get juiced 'bout what you do

about what you say

get excited and passionate

every possible way

find the reasons and emotions

that drive you to believe

and you'll create success

the more you achieve

practice this advice

and a bit more too

take control of your life

don't let life control you


* from 'Getting the Results' an Album of 12 Inspirational and Self-Empowering Songs.

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