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My Life, The Video Game by Kimberly Carnevale

My Life, The Video Game by Kimberly Carnevale
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Many of my audiences have heard me compare life to a video game.  I use the metaphor of one of  the popular video games where the poor, little character continues to get pummeled by rocks, tree limbs, and everything imaginable and continues cheerily on his quest to get to the next level.

Getting to the next level.  Isn't that what life is all about?  We go through one hardship, only to overcome it and face a more challenging one.  Daunting, isn't it?  It doesn't have to be... if only we change our perspective.

Look at it this way, what if our video game character suddenly got tired of being dumped on, lost his cheery outlook and declared, "This is just too hard; I give up.  I'm going to sit here and feel sorry for myself and tell everyone that my life is filled with heartache and catastrophes."  Is that a game you'd buy into?  Of course not!  Who wants to invest in someone who won't invest in themselves?

This is what life is all about!  A simplistic outlook, for sure... but one that has it's merits based in that simplicity.  Think about it.  We don't want to play a game with a character that gives up; so why would we want to BE that character in real life?

Take a lesson from our little video character....he's not the poor, little guy that gets dumped on that we first perceive him to be.  No, he is the strong guy that knows if he accepts his challenges, learns something from them, continues to believe and uses that belief to remain upbeat and cheerful; that he will succeed at getting to the next level and be all the stronger for it.  This, is what life is truly all about.

My life...the video game.  I stand by it.  I live it, and I embrace the challenges that are heading my way that will ensure my arrival to the next level.  So the next time life gives you a challenge, put another quarter in, hold on; and get ready to learn the lesson for the next level!

---Kimberly Carnevale

Copyrighted 2006 by Sarah Lynn Communications, L.L.C.  No parts of this article may be reproduced by any means without express written permission from the author/publisher.

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