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Just Turn The Doorknob by Al Duncan

Just Turn The Doorknob by Al Duncan
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"I knocked and the door opened.  But I found that I had been knocking from the inside and I could've opened the door for myself."   ĖTehuti

Many moons ago, do you remember people asking you ďWhat do you want to be when you grow up?Ē

Do you remember how easily and confidently you would respond?  Most people would answer that question eagerly and they would say whatever came to mind.

Doubts and limitations were non-existent.  You knew that you could do anything you wanted to do, didnít you? You didnít need anybodyís approval or permission.

You knew you could cause things to happen by taking action. Psychologist Richard DeCharms called this phenomenon personal causation.

Personal causation is the initiation of behavior intended to produce a change in an individualís environment.

After a certain age practically everyone begins to lose his or her sense of personal causation. In other words our sense of self-efficacy is undermined. Undermined by what?

Statements such as,

    * This is too hard

    * This cost too much

    * Iím not good enough

    * They donít want me to succeed anyway

    * If only I had as much money as so and so

    * I donít have that kind of luck

    * I donít have the right looks

    * Donít quit your day job

    * Just be grateful that you have a job at all

    * This is too good to be true

    * Ect., ect., ectÖ

Statements like those are the roots of a ďlackĒ mentality and a poverty consciousness.

Million Dollar Question: Is this too good to be true? No, itís not. Itís happening to the right person- YOU.

Itís a lack mentality and poverty consciousness that leave many people standing there knocking on the door waiting for some one to answer and open it for them.

Sooner or later someone bold, uninhibited, and assertive comes along and stands in front of the same door. But instead of only knocking, he or she reaches for the doorknob, turns it, and walks in.

The door closes behind him or her and the people that are standing there start knocking again.  They talk and complain amongst themselves about how some people get all the breaks.

They ask ridiculous questions like, ďHow come heís so lucky?Ē or ďI wonder who she knows. Who gave her permission to go in?Ē

These people never realize that you donít need permission you need initiative. You donít get a break; you create breaks.

To be self-empowered is to be responsible.

Be responsible for your actions.

Be responsible for your finances.

Be responsible for your well-being and your future.

My friend, whatever door you are knocking on realize the doorknob is within reach. Just turn it and step into greatness.

Al "The Inspiration" Duncan is America's Leading Youth Empowerment Advocate, a self-development expert, and a World-Class Youth Motivational Speaker. Visit him online at Youth Motivational Speaker

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