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You Better Think, Think, Think! by Al Duncan

You Better Think, Think, Think! by Al Duncan
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'There is no problem that can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.'  

Most problems and challenges could be solved and overcome much more efficiently IF you would only focus more on the solution.

Your thinking is magnetized.  Your mind is a powerful magnet being drawn to and attracting that upon which it dwells. Especially the unconscious mind.

If you're only focused on difficulties like, 'I don't have enough money', 'I'm having trouble in with kids', 'I hate working with Johnny' and things of that nature then it becomes much harder to think of the solutions to these dilemmas.

When you assault adversity with sustained thinking about solutions, you become self-empowered with answers instead of dis-empowered by more seemingly un-rectifiable situations.

You will eventually attract ideas, situations, and people that will provide the solution or at least a resolution so that you can move on.

I'm not saying that your challenges will miraculously disappear.
I don't believe in the mystical manifestation, hocus-pocus, and magic dust theories of problem solving. This is science and it goes without saying that you have to take action when solutions present themselves.

Many people attempt to think about and focus on solutions but they miss the key word in this whole thing.  SUSTAINED. This means continuously thinking about solutions until they come. If you want answers this is non-negotiable.

I keep all of this in mind by remembering the Aretha Franklin song- You Better Think, Think, Think.

This process may take longer than you would like, but eventually it will provide you with some relief. How do I spell relief?


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