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Who made you do it? by Al Duncan

Who made you do it? by Al Duncan
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"Your state of mind is everything. And you alone control you state of mind."
-Napoleon Hill

When was the last time someone or something made you mad? How about happy?

When was the last someone or something made you sad? How about excited?

Million Dollar Question: During each one of those experiences did someone or something make you feel the way you felt or did you choose to feel the way you felt?

You chose of course. Think about that.

No one really has control over your state of mind except for you. I'm not saying that people, places, and things don't influence you. Research clearly shows that frequently we are not consciously in control of our initial thoughts or feelings.

But here's the thing. Although you may not be able to stop certain thoughts or feelings from popping up, you can choose which ones to dwell on and which ones drive your behavior. So, stop trying to give your power away.

Be mad, happy, sad, excited or whatever all you want. Just realize that it's your choice and if you want, you can choose otherwise. You can choose to be self-empowered.

Yes... other people and other things will have an influence on you but, no one should really be in charge of your emotions except for you. (Unless you have some psychological issues I don't know about).

Remind yourself constantly- "this is how I feel because this is how I choose to interpret things and I can change if I want to."

It's simple, not necessarily easy, but, hey... that's why most people go through life feeling dis-empowered. They want to be in charge of their lives however without even realizing it, they give their personal power away.

Use your power of choice wisely.

So... when was the last time somebody made you feel...?

Al "The Inspiration" Duncan is America's Leading Youth Empowerment Advocate, a self-development expert, and a World-Class Youth Motivational Speaker. Visit him online at Youth Motivational Speaker

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