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Black to Basics

Black to Basics
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What goes through the mind of the African American male? What are the obstacles that are faced by a young Black male on a day to day basis?

The first question is whether or not they should be referred to as African American or Black. Secondly, how is really impacting these youth; is it the teachers or is it the television. Is it the hip hop artist is it the local pastor at the community church.

My argument is that African American youth are being influenced by the following:

1) Black Entertainment Television (B.E.T)

The only thing entertaining about B.E.T is when they go to commercial break! How can African American males learn to respect young African American females when the females they see have less clothes on than a newborn baby! Young men as well as men in general, are visually stimulated. Therefore, when they see young women on television three quarters naked and referred to in derogatory terms that are what they identify reality with. Perception is reality to those who perceive it.

2) Hip Hop Industry

The hip hop industry has grown to exploit the African American culture and glorying the negatives (ex. Drugs, crime, etc) instead of focusing on the positive. The African American community is more than some marijuana and bragging about life behind bars. Yet, young males are being hypnotized by the image and thought that it is right to sell drugs, it is right to demean women, it is right to go to jail, because that is the only way I can fit in.

3) Professional Athletes

Regardless of how they fill, athletes are role models. When young males are living in a poverty stricken community and they hear about hometown heroes who made it out by dribbling a ball or running fast, then that is what they can identify with. Yet, it is an embarrassment when a multimillion dollar athlete is arrested for drug use, beating a girlfriend, or lying in court.

We need to get “Black to the Basics”. What is Black to the Basics:

1) Teach young African American males about their history and how we are supposed to be unified as a culture

2) Teach young African American males that men are supposed to honor females and treat them as individuals and not just a fantasy from a video

3) Teach young African American males that reality isn’t a video by a rap artist, but reality is when you learn to focus on the positive things in life and learn how to gravitate away from the negatives

4) Teach young African American males that you don’t have to have a NIKE endorsement to be successful. That there are other avenues to create wealth outside of an arena.

Alton Jamison
"Teaching Real Methods To Help Young People Overcome Real Problems"
Professional Speaker, Author and Success Coach

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