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Pursuit of Happiness: Get Happy by Miss Building Blocks

Pursuit of Happiness: Get Happy by Miss Building Blocks
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I would like to begin by briefing you all on Webster's definition of happy, and how you can obtain ultimate happiness!

Happy: characterized by or indicative of pleasure, contentment, or joy...

I am human, and I understand the importance of being happy. But I also understand that ultimate happiness is hard to obtain, and that as humans we will never be completely satisfied with what we have or what we have accomplished.

For instance... working 40 hours a week would make some people content. But because they are losing out on family time, or socializing, they aren't completely happy. They play with the cards that were dealt to them. Or how about the 6th grader that skipped recess to finish his classwork. He's content with missing recess and finishing his work, however, playing outside would have made him happy.

In my opinion, instances like these cause people to realize that happiness is simply the pursuit of itself.

My life motto is 'Get Happy'. This includes doing whatever it is that you want to do with your life. Whether it be volunteering, not hanging out with friends just to get an 'A' in biology, pulling an all-nighter for that upcoming exam, getting accepted to the University of Michigan. Or simply dressing nicely, giving compliments, smiling at passerbys, etc. The list goes on and on!

Getting Happy is pursuing those things in life that will make you smile in your sleep, that will make you look to your parents and say "thank you for all that you've done". Getting Happy is going to get you through the rough times in your life. In the long run, being happy will cause a better spirit, a better attitude and a better YOU!

Building Blocks is not only for your educational purposes; it's for relationship advice, peer pressure issues, anger management, financial stability as a teen (and as a growing adult), and so much more.

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