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Your Thoughts Actually Create Your Life! by Q The Question

Your Thoughts Actually Create Your Life! by Q The Question
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Do you even realize that you can actually speak your life into existence. People don’t realize the power of the mind and how easily your thoughts attracts the things you get in your life. Whether good or bad as far as where you stand in your life currently I’m here to see that you as an individual have attracted all of it.

Well known author Napoleon Hill famous for his book “Think & Grow Rich” did say “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” See the thing is with the power of the mind you have the ability to choose your destiny into how you want your life to turn out.

Thoughts are things and that is one thing many people don’t realize. The everyday person looks at the success of people everyday on TV and depending on their circumstances they think it’s impossible to reach the same success. It don’t matter though, because if “You” really believe you can get something you want it will most definitely come to you.

For example, do you remember the days as a child when you really believed you could grow up to be almost anything you wanted. Now as you got older you heard the famous lines like “What are the chances of that happening, Uh get to reality, what if you don’t make it.”

Now when hearing things like that you start to manifest those thoughts and to some extent believe it like “Yeah your right, let me find a plan B”. In my opinion always say “Plan B is for those afraid of Plan A.”.

Like remember how I just said whatever you think becomes your life, well it’s the same case. When there is something you really want and you say things like “Let me have a backup plan”, well guess what? In your life your going to be doing the backup plan. As from the beginning you said it yourself “Just in case I don’t make it I’m a do this.”

Speaking from my personal experience as someone who will have a big future in the music business (notice how I wrote “Who will have”) people ask me the same question all the time. That question is “Q, do you have a backup plan just in case”? And you know what I tell them “I’m gonna make it, there is no need for a plan b.”

When you keep saying something so many times you really do as an individual believe it can really happen. It’s a simple line that’s been around for years that goes “Act As If”. You have to say it so many times to where you honestly believe it “Yourself” regardless of what “Other people” say.

If you keep telling yourself “Man, I’m tired of being broke”, well your always gonna be broke. Even if you are broke at the current time start by saying “I’m about to get money”. Then eventually the paper will start coming in, trust me I know from personal experience and that’s why this website will be a MAJOR media outlet.

Most people that have dreams are usually afraid of failure and for that fact that some will ridicule them for not making it. But I say forget that as they say as well “You gotta believe in yourself before anyone else will.

So start by writing down the things you want, really believe it, and watch how quickly the steps in order to get there will arrive.

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