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The articles in this section, have been written by industry experts, exclusively for Talented Young People. These articles contain the top tips that you need to forge a career or to persue your dream in your chosen area – direct from people that are working in, or involved in that industry.

Tips and advice on how to make a professional career in the entertainment industry supplied by Ben Jones from StarsInMyEyes dot TV

. Consider professional training No matter how good you may think you are some professional training can go a long, long way in helping you on the road to success. Training is available for pretty much every facet of the industry, from one-day courses to full-time academies. Array. Keep your ego in check No one likes a smart ass ... if you THINK you’re good and you’re not then you’ll just make yourself look foolish – if you ARE good an over-inflated ego could overshadow you’re talent and stand in your way Array. Create a CV (résumé) Don’t think of this as the sort of CV you’d create if you were looking for a job in an office – in fact, it’s always an idea to model your CV around the type of work you’re applying for, ensuring that any experience in that particular field is at the top of your list!–And always, always make sure your CV is up-to-date! Array. Get good photos If you’re serious about getting into the industry then decent photos are a MUST ... especially if you’re wanting to get into modelling. This doesn’t necessarily mean spending pot loads of money though (see tip 6 ...
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Tips and advice on how to become a professional Writer supplied by Children’s Author Joyce Dunbar

1. Write! Don't just think about it. Write rubbish if you must. Most of us do to begin with. The Muse won't visit unless you make yourself available. 2. Put the work aside for a while. What looks masterly late at night can look dreadful in the morning, but the reverse is also true. I sometimes put ideas aside for years before I know what they're about. 3. Being a writer means finding your own voice and vision. We are all influenced, but don't imitate. Publishers are looking for freshness, authenticity, originality. 4. Be aware of your own motivation. If it is fame and fortune, think again. There are much easier ways. You may have to grope around for a long time before you know if you have something to say. 5. Read. The only kind of writers who don't read are celebrities who have their books written for them. 6. Play. Mess about with ideas. Don't expect a novel, play, poem, to appear fully formed. Houses are built, brick by brick. Stories, word by word. 7. Don't snatch. If an idea hovers into view, be very still, quiet, watchful until it swims within reach. Ideas can come in flashes, ...
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Tips and advice on how to become a Professional Wrestler supplied by Professional Wrestler Scott Future

My Top 10 Tips to Becoming a Pro Wrestler. So who I am I to be dishing out tips I hear you say? Well, I’ve done pretty well since making my wrestling debut 10 years ago.  I’ve wrestled with Monday night superstars, had a theme tune written and produced by a WWE Hall of Famer, wrestled in front of an Olympic Gold Medallist, taken advice from the best, banged heads on UK TV and I’ve run the ropes in 4 different countries.  Interested in what I have to say? Here Goes: 1. First and foremost get your attitude right. If you are overweight and unfit, if your diet isn’t right, or if you’re fighting for breath when you climb stairs, address this first.  Get yourself fit both in body and mind. When you embark on a wrestling journey you will find its pretty tough and testing. You need stamina and you need mental agility as you are entering a world with large egos! Don’t let yours squash you. 2. Are you feeling fit? Good! Now your ready to think about getting into wrestling. However, you need to cast aside everything you thought you knew from watching Sky Sports 7 times ...
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Tips and advice on how to become a professional Singer supplied by leading Vocal Coach Helen Cannell

1. Before you start get a good voice coach to give you some warm -ups and advice about how to use your voice. 2. ALWAYS warm up your voice with some exercises before you sing. 3. Look for songs that are comfortably in your range and never push your voice. 4. Remember to breathe! Maybe obvious but many people try to sing without-which is like running a car without petrol. 5. Be yourself-don't try to copy other singers or you will always just be a second or third rate version of the original. 6. Make sure you work on your all round fitness, diet and maybe take up swimming. The business is image conscious but also physically demanding so all of the above will help with stamina. Fast food and sugary food makes you tired and you need slow release food to keep your energy up. Swimming / aerobic activity and skipping helps with your breathing. 7. Always seek the advice of someone in the know before auditioning anywhere-so you can get an outside opinion. Mums and friends can be supportive but not objective and an industry professional can check how you are coming across, how your voice is sounding ...
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Tips and advice on how to become a professional Journalist supplied by Simon Rothstein, Online Showbiz Editor for The Sun

  1. Get work experience - The best way to learn the job is by doing the job. And many journalists start life at their chosen publication on work experience and never leave. When starting out try and get a variety of experiences - ask your local paper and radio station, as well as any websites or magazines you're fond of.
  2. Never be afraid to ask - If you want work experience or a full-time job somewhere find out the editor's name and send him/her an email. The worst they can say is no and editors admire a direct approach.
  3. Get qualified - Although experience is more important, publications will be looking for the basic legal training, a knowledge of shorthand and the ability to write a clear concise story. The NCTJ is the industry standard and the cheapest course to do, don't even bother looking elsewhere.
  4. Make contacts - Journalism is one profession that is definitely as much about who you know as what you know. Stories don't come from thin air but on the other hand one front page splash from an exclusive contact can make a career.
  5. Be friendly - This applies to every job. No one likes ...
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