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Tips and advice on how to become a Professional Wrestler supplied by Professional Wrestler Scott Future

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Tips and advice on how to become a Professional Wrestler supplied by Professional Wrestler Scott Future
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My Top 10 Tips to Becoming a Pro Wrestler.

So who I am I to be dishing out tips I hear you say? Well, I’ve done pretty well since making my wrestling debut 10 years ago.  I’ve wrestled with Monday night superstars, had a theme tune written and produced by a WWE Hall of Famer, wrestled in front of an Olympic Gold Medallist, taken advice from the best, banged heads on UK TV and I’ve run the ropes in 4 different countries.  Interested in what I have to say? Here Goes:

1. First and foremost get your attitude right. If you are overweight and unfit, if your diet isn’t right, or if you’re fighting for breath when you climb stairs, address this first.  Get yourself fit both in body and mind. When you embark on a wrestling journey you will find its pretty tough and testing. You need stamina and you need mental agility as you are entering a world with large egos! Don’t let yours squash you.

2. Are you feeling fit? Good! Now your ready to think about getting into wrestling. However, you need to cast aside everything you thought you knew from watching Sky Sports 7 times per week, and get ready to learn how it works from the inside.  To do this you need to loosen your obsession with “Stone Cold” and Cena, and get ready to become an individual.  If you’re entering the wrestling biz to deliver a Stone Cold Stunner, I think your better at home with your action figures.  If you want to put your toys aside, then you need your own character, your own move set.  The move set will come later but individuality starts here.

3. So you’re fit, your ready to be your own person and your ready to start training. Great stuff! One last word of advice before you start looking for a good wrestling school – teach yourself how to keep your mouth shut and your eyes open!  Have you ever seen Hells Kitchen? Have you seen the chefs being totally unreasonable to their underlings, the underlings just taking it? It’s the same in wrestling.  If your instructor is any good, he’s probably a bit battle scarred, and he’ll no doubt have an ego too, but if you can learn to listen, show respect, and still come back for more… you are running with the formula for success!

4. Unlike in the days when I started out, there are now lots of wrestling schools. Take your time to find a good one, if you see one you like go and observe, talk to the instructor and decide if they can help you with starting out in wrestling. I can recommend, which is parented by some old friends of mine, but there’s a lot to choose from.

5. Never ask your instructor how long it will take for you to start wrestling on shows, and never ask when or how much you will be paid, before you’ve even been booked to wrestler. Remember – you are a trainee until you are told otherwise so don’t get ahead of yourself, you’ll only appear arrogant and inpatient.  How long it takes to get wrestling on shows is different for everyone and the quickest way to get there is to listen, be respectful and wait for things to come in good time rather than nagging.

6. Much of wrestling training might seem boring to you, after all you want to do the “F-U” and some old timer is making you do wristlocks and lockups for hours on end. If this is the case you know you’re in a good school that prides itself on technical ability. If you’re at a school where all you do is the “F-U” every week, you may be saying “F-U” to a wrestling career.

7. Take pride in your appearance inside and outside the ring. Speak respectfully and honour wrestling when you talk about it.

8. When the time comes to wrestle on your first show absorb advice from everyone you can and listen to your opponent, show him seniority and hell see you right.

9. Never wrestle in jeans and a t-shirt. Always wrestle in something suitable, as that’s the only way you will be picked up by promoters.

10. Go to the gym, keep learning and you’ll climb the ladder. Forget steroids it’s a mugs game, just work hard, keep your head down, and listen to criticism as a way of learning what you did wrong, but don’t take it too personally.  If you follow these tips you will make enemies in lazy, jealous, people who aren’t achieving what you are achieving.  Take comfort in your attitude towards wrestling and remember that the only way to success is to follow this advice. There’s more to it that this of course, but your on your way to figuring these things out already!  Need someone to talk to along the way? Email me at and good luck!

Tips and advice on how to become a Professional Wrestler supplied by Professional Wrestler Scott Future.

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