Youth Organisations

You are now in our Youth Organisations section. Below you will find interviews we have conducted with representatives from all kinds of Youth Organisations that have been set up to help young people achieve their dreams, reach their full potential and develop in to amazing achievers. In the interviews you will find out why these Youth Organisations were set up, what they do and how you can get in contact with them.


Feature on Club Flix

Club Flix is a Bath based film club run by young people for young people. If you are 13-21 years old Club Flix is for YOU! Are you a young writer or director? Do you want to work behind the camera or get in front of it? Club Flix is somewhere that you can connect with other young people and get your own short films started! So what is Club Flix all about? Club Flix is a film network for 13-21 year olds. We're based in Bath but our website allows us to connect with young people all over the world! Club Flix is run by a steering group of 12 young people who organise and mentor events including filmmaking workshops, screenings and pitching opportunities. The website Forum means young people can talk to each other about their ideas and get their short films off the ground. How did Club Flix get started? Club Flix was started in February 2005, supported by Suited and Booted Studios in Bath. We've gone from strength to strength and have run 4 seasons of events, involving young people from all over the South West and further a field. Club Flix commissions short ...
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Feature on Central Youth Theatre

How would you describe your youth organisation? We provide opportunities for young people aged 8-25 years to learn a broad range of skills associated with the dramatic arts. We also stage productions of the highest possible standard and develop young people's interest in, and understanding of, all aspects of the production process, so the final performance becomes the responsibility of young people. E.g. lighting, sound, stage-management etc. How does your organisation help young people? By providing weekly workshops, special events, performances, international exchanges and festivals. How many young people do you help? We have an average size membership of around 100 young people. How big is your organisation? We are quite a small organisation. One part time director plus freelance staff. What types of young people do you work with? Our membership is open to anyone between age of 8-25 years of age living in or near Wolverhampton We also offer a group for young people with special needs. When was your organisation set up? 1983 Why was it set up? To provide youth theatre opportunities for young people What have been the highlights and the achievements of the organisation so far? INTERNATIONAL WORK CYT has a strong reputation for ...
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Feature on Awards for Young Musicians

Do you want to get in to music but don't have the money to pursue your dreams? Have you always wanted to play an instrument or get professional teaching? Then this interview is for you as we talk to Hester Cockcroft director of Awards for Young Musicians an organisation set up to help young musicians facing financial hardship. When was Awards for Young Musicians set up? Awards for Young Musicians (AYM) is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee, founded in August 1998. The organisation was set up as the result of the legacy of Robert Lewin, who left an extraordinary collection of instruments in his will, on the instruction that they be sold to create an endowment fund, which would help support the development of the UK's most talented young musicians. However this fund is finite and reducing every year as we eat into the capital and AYM must therefore constantly fundraise in order to raise enough income to support our work. Who was behind getting it off the ground and why was there such a need for Awards for Young Musicians in the UK? AYM got off the ground thanks to the work of its very ...
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Feature on Ascension Eagles Cheerleaders

The Ascension Eagles Cheerleaders are Britain's number one cheerleading team. They have entertained millions of people and won hundreds of trophies in the process. They are true champions on the mat and off the mat through the amazing youth outreach work they do so we thought it was about time we found out more about them. How did the Ascension Eagles Cheerleaders get started? Ascension Eagles Cheerleaders (AEC) started in 1996 as an outreach of Ascension Church Centre, Custom House in the Victoria Docks. Originally, some cheerleaders for a church 5-a-side tournament, but when that was over, the cheerleaders wanted to keep training. We ran it as an informal youth club for a bit, and then the young people decided they wanted to make it official, so we had tryouts and everyone had to make a commitment to step up and become a proper squad. How many boys and girls have you currently got on the squad and what ages do they range from? We have 100 girls and 20 boys, ranging in age from 5 to 25. What have been your highlights and best performances so far as a group? As we start our 12th ...
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Feature on Asaria Performing Arts

How would you describe your youth organisation? Asaria has been established for over seven years and are based in Tottenham, North London. The pupils are aged anywhere from 4- teenagers and are able to develop skills in Acting, Dance and Singing. Our 3 practitioners are professionals in their own fields and we also have 3 volunteers that help out every week. Asaria has over 40 boys and girls from a wide cultural background and pupils live in Haringey and Enfield. Pupils can take vocational examinations in Ballet and Acting, gain casting opportunities and perform at local community events and West End theatre productions. How does your organisation help young people? We help parents/carers to make friends and offer volunteer opportunities when possible.  Children/young people can make friends, gain confidence and develop a sound awareness and understanding of performing as an artist, developing new skills and using skills to gain work as a young actor/ess. Our low fees enable  those who would not usually be able to access such services to enjoy working with professionals. Our children/young people are fortunate to appear at West End productions, on TV, take examinations and have the full support from local schools, businesses and our ...
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