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Siren are a hot new pop act who are hoping to be the next successful Cornish act to break the international music scene. Rachel and Talia have supported top pop act Journey South and hopefully before too long they will be headlining their own tour. So let's find out more about them and how they got to where they are today.


When did you know that music was something you wanted to pursue?

We have both been into music since a very early age. We both attended dance lessons since the age of four and we never stop singing. When we met each other we started singing as a duet and from then on we became Siren.

How would you best describe yourselves and your music?  

We are both very strong minded and determined girls, and this comes out in our music. It's all about being independent. Our music has been said to be hip pop/R&B. We wanted to have a sound that was a bit different and also we wanted each track to sound different which we think we have achieved.

What tracks of yours should we be looking out for?

Our first track we recorded was 'Single Minded' which is one that we both love, along with 'Show Me', 'Space' and 'Kiss Me'.  Watch out for the album 'Single minded'

How hard has it been to get where you are today?

We have both worked so hard to get our album done and to get our name established. We haven't got a management company yet and are very to say that where we are now is all down to us.  We have amazing producers Gary Williams & Chris Morris who have made it easier for us, as well as our very patient and understanding parents (sorry for the tantrums guys, we love you). There are always people that want to bring you down in this industry, but we have always over come this.

What sacrifices have you have to make?

Siren needs a lot of attention so it has meant a lot of sacrifices which include Rachel leaving her full time job to concentrate on it and Talia juggling college course work, gigs and studio time. Also a lot of our performances are on Saturdays and Fridays so that means no clubbing with mates, but we love performing so we don't mind.

When was your first gig?

Our first gig was at the royal
Cornwall show 2 years ago.  It's amazing what time can do. We are so much different from when we first preformed, our set was all covers where as now we have are own material to perform and a lot more experience.

What has been the highlight of your musical careers so far?

We both share the same passion and that is performing, every time we get on to a stage no matter how big or how small we love it. A highlight was performing with journey south at Falmouth it was amazing they are so down to earth and very much on our level, the after show party was good too he he he.

What are your ambitions for the coming year?

Our album is now finished and we are just in the process of getting the art work done for the front cover so our aim is to push the album and to hopefully get signed. We have a few people interested so it's just a case of promoting, waiting and a lot more hard (but fun) work.

Where can we see you girls perform in the near future?

We are doing a lot of gigs around
Cornwall including Colliford Lake 29th October, Flambards 16th November and we are also doing a lot of private parties.

How do we keep up to date all your latest news?

We are in the middle of getting our website up and running so at the mo all our info is on

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