Tips on becoming a top Artist

  1. Many people see art as a hobby or a past time but it is possible to make a great living out of it.
  2. Art can be very expensive so I advice any aspiring artist to take advantage of their schools art department. Make friends with the art staff and try to get in the art rooms as much as possible to work on projects.
  3. When you are young the best thing to do is to experiment with as many different styles and genres as possible, you will have lots of time when you are older to specialise.
  4. Try coming up with ideas for art projects that don’t cost too much to produce and try to source your materials for free where possible. It’s best to try and make a project on the cheap and then sell it rather than spending a lot of money on a piece and not being able to sell it. Once your pieces start selling you can start investing more.
  5. Read as much about art as possible a lot about understanding a piece of art is understanding what went in to producing it.
  6. Develop a portfolio of work and sketch books that you can keep with you to show your work to others.
  7. There are many art awards locally and nationally so be sure to research them, some of these competitions give cash or art supplies as prizes which can help you produce more art.
  8. Try and get your work shown in as many places as possible. As well as art galleries many public use buildings are always looking for free artwork to display, like doctors waiting rooms, having your work displayed in public places can be a great way to get recognised.
  9. Research the best colleges and universities for art and apply.
  10. Start your own website which has information on your art work. This can be a great promotional tool as you can direct people who are interested in your work to the website.
  11. Remember if you ever sell any pieces of work that art is worth what someone will pay for it but if you feel a lot of work has gone in to a piece don’t be afraid to put a big price on it. Price your work towards your audience, if you are at a gallery with other artists look how much they are charging and make your prices in line with others.
  12. Displaying your work at art galleries isn’t all about selling your work. Whilst promoting your work you can also get commissioned to do work. Some artists only produce work that they are commissioned to do.