Tips on becoming a top band

  1. Most bands are started by a group of friends who all share an interest in music but if your friends don’t share your passion don’t worry as you can still form a band.
  2. If your friends don’t want to start a band form your own. Make flyers and post them around schools and the local area. On the flyer you should put what you are looking for ie. Drummer, singer etc. You can also state what type of music you are going to play but you may need to be flexible with this to get people to join.
  3. When people start showing interest hold auditions. If you only get one drummer or one singer show interest then to get your band off the ground you are going to have to take them and work with them but if you get more than one for each band position audition them so you find the right fit for your band.
  4. If you are finding it hard to get a band going see if there are any other bands locally that you can join.
  5. Remember as soon as you have assembled your band you need a name and an image but most importantly you need to practice. Music is one of these things that if someone hears you once and doesn’t like it they aren’t going to listen to you again so every performance needs to be brilliant.
  6. Finding somewhere to practice can be tricky so this is something you need to keep in mind when arranging practices.
  7. When you form your band you need to make sure everyone has their own equipment as trying to raise money to buy new equipment can be very hard and time consuming.
  8. Once you feel confident start searching for events and venues you can perform at. You may have to do a lot of events for free until you have established yourselves. You have to promote yourselves and get yourselves noticed. It can be good to as well as having positions in the band to give each other extra roles like Band manager, PR manager, person in charge of bookings and so forth.
  9. When playing local venues a lot of your crowd will love to hear covers of songs that they know but if you want to one day get a record deal you will need to start writing and performing your own material.
  10. When you have built up a local fan base you will now be looking to record your own material. Recording a band can be a very complicated and expensive set up. Most people won’t be able to afford studio time so you need to look at other ways of getting your music recorded. One way you can do this for free is if you have a local media college or university you can contact the course leaders and some times they have projects where the students have to record bands so you help them and also get a free professional recording out of it.
  11. When you have bookings coming in or being asked to play on various projects start your own website which advertises what you are doing and that gives the chance for people to sample your music. Remember if you have produced your own album you are trying to sell to only put samples of your work up for download and not full songs. As well as your own website you can use community websites like to build up an online fanbase.
  12. If you have access to a video camera you may want to produce your own music video. These can be a great way of getting noticed. You can host your video on sites like