Tips on becoming a top Basketball player

  1. Basketball is becoming a very accessible sport in the UK with lots of new courts going up in local parks and local schools. These are free facilities you don’t have to pay to use so get yourself a ball and get down the courts.
  2. On the whole not much basketball goes on at schools compared to other sports. So if you want to become a professional basketball player you are going to need to put in a lot of your own time.
  3. There are five positions on a starting basketball team but in each position a key understanding of the fundamentals is very important. Dribbling, passing, rebounding and shooting are four of the most important skills a player needs.
  4. Basketball is a very physically demanding sport as everyone is involved in the action at all times. So be sure to work on your fitness along with your skills as the fitter teams are normally the ones that win.
  5. When you feel confident with your skills go to your local leisure centre and find out if there is a local basketball team and ask to join. You may not get in to the team right away but it is a great way to improve by going to weekly training and watching how the team plays. If there isn’t a local team start one up.
  6. If there is a school, college or university team join it if not again start one up.
  7. Basketball is all about tactics so be sure to get books from the library and watch as many games as possible to learn tactics and skills.
  8. Contact your local professional basketball team and ask them for advice on turning pro and if they are holding any camps.
  9. Log on to to find out more information on progressing your talents.
  10. Above all enjoy playing the game of basketball.