Tips on becoming a top Camera person

  1. Media is a very hard industry to get in to so to make it as a Camera person you need to be very dedicated.
  2. It is however a very exciting time with the changeover to digital with new technology and lots of new channels.
  3. Video camera and Camcorders are very expensive so you need to find a friend who has one, or a place where you can borrow one from. Failing this why not ask for one for Christmas or for a birthday.
  4. When you start using video cameras you need to learn the basics which you can do on any camera so you don’t need to invest big money.
  5. Search online or go to a library and find information on using video cameras and filming techniques.
  6. Read magazines on video cameras and filming to keep up to date with the latest technology and techniques.
  7. Get in touch with local media groups who may sell you cameras and accessories at a cheaper price.
  8. A good way to get use of a video camera is to offer to film something for someone whether that be a wedding or a friends football match. If you have purchased a video camera you can try and sell your services but don’t buy a camera in the hope of recouping your investment as this rarely happens.
  9. Record your favourite TV programme and watch it over and over again analysing every shot change or camera movement and what the shot change or camera movement achieves.
  10. Film as many different things as possible and in as many different environments as possible.
  11. Offer your services to small production groups or if you have friends that are in to filming start you own production company and produce films you enjoy making.
  12. Always keep everything you film as you never know when that shot or footage may come in handy.
  13. If you don’t know how to edit videos find someone who can edit your work as to get a job in the industry you need to develop a showreel which is a compilation of your best bits.
  14. Write in to local TV and film companies and ask for work experience. You can learn invaluable information from shadowing a professional camera man on a days work.
  15. At school, college and university pick the courses which allow you to do the most camera work and pick the best courses in the country.
  16. is a good source for information on media training and volunteer positions. The more training you can get on the better.
  17. Most of all be proud of your work and submit it to screenings and competitions there is nothing like watching your work with others. If you’re not confident showing it live why not show it on the internet using sites like, it’s a great way to get feedback.