Tips on becoming a top Cheerleader

  1. Cheerleading has been big business in Americafor some years but it is really starting to take off in the UK.
  2. Many professional sporting teams are now setting up their own cheerleading squads to add to the entertainment and to get more people in to the games.
  3. Many cheerleaders start as dancers first and then become cheerleaders so taking dance classes is good practice.
  4. You need to be fit to be a cheerleader so you need to work on your own fitness plan.
  5. To find out more about cheerleading in the UKlog on to the website for the British Cheerleading Association.
  6. Contact your local professional sporting teams and ask if they have a cheerleading squad. If they don’t offer to help start one or ask for your details to be kept on file.
  7. Ask your school, college and university if you can start up a cheerleading team to follow the sporting teams around.
  8. There are many regional and national cheerleading competitions which you will probably need a team to enter. All the information can be found on the cheerleading website above.
  9. All teams need a uniform so try and do some fundraising to afford the best uniforms possible.
  10. If you are part of a team make sure you are doing regular practices. For extra practice ask to do routines at local events.
  11. Try and watch as much cheerleading as possible and research moves and techniques to practice.
  12. Cheerleading is a big business in America so it may be worth looking in to going to America to study, compete or watch cheerleading.
  13. Remember always to be working on new routines as being a cheerleader is all about being creative.