Tips on becoming a top Chef

  1. The most important thing you must start with is a love of food of all types.
  2. The most traditional way of how people learn to cook is from their parents so next time they are cooking  a meal don’t just sit in front of the TV get out in to the kitchen and give them a hand. Most parents will be able to show you the basics.
  3. When you feel confident under the guidance of a parent or adult follow a recipe for a dish which you often have at home and see how your end result turns out.
  4. Try your hand at a range of food and always ask for peoples opinions to keep in mind for next time. With being a chef it is all about pleasing the customer.
  5. As your passion for cooking increases find out what if any local courses in cooking are on offer and enrol.
  6. Some of the best meals are made from the finest ingredients using the best equipment so get a job and save up for these important things.
  7. Develop an understanding for ingredients & equipment and when they should be used.
  8. The best job you can get is working in a restaurant. Even if the job is a non kitchen role, like waiting or cleaning it will give you a feel for what it is like to be on your feet all shift.
  9. Read as much as you can about cooking and food. Read up on food and cuisine from all over the world. It improves your employability later on down the road if you have knowledge and experience of a wide range of food and styles.
  10. Research the best colleges and universities to study food at and apply.
  11. When you are old enough seek out an apprenticeship with a restaurant. At the start of the apprenticeship you will be working the least skilled jobs in the kitchen but over time they will increase your responsibilities and you will develop a real understanding of how a professional kitchen runs.
  12. If your dream is to become a head chef or maybe even one day run your own restaurant you will need to take the relevant business courses to fulfil these dreams.
  13. As a chef you will be asked to come up with ideas for the menu and for daily specials so you have to be creative. Always be thinking of ideas for dishes and wait for the right time to try them out.