Tips on becoming a top Children’s Entertainer

  1. The first two things you need are a love for entertaining and a love of working with children.
  2. It is quite hard to gain experience in being a children’s entertainer but it is easy finding jobs working with children and it is easy to find chances to improve your entertaining skills.
  3. The first thing to do is to ask to babysit for a friend or family member. This is a great way of working with a child finding out what they like, what makes them laugh etc.
  4. Do some volunteer work for youth organisations like the Scouts for instance.
  5. Take drama and acting classes to work on your entertaining skills.
  6. If you are eighteen or over a good experience is working for an American summer camp so go to an agency like Camp America and apply.
  7. Next you need to create your own routine. Start off perfecting a five minute performance then work your way up.
  8. When you feel confident practice your routine in front of a small group of children which could be the children of friends and family.
  9. If that goes well start offering your services as a children’s entertainer for birthday parties.
  10. The pinnacle for many children’s entertainers is working as a Butlins Redcoat or Pontins Bluecoat. To get a job doing this contact either Butlins or Pontins head office and they will tell you when and where auditions are. To get a position with these organisations you need to also be good at acting, singing and dancing so if you are not you will need to work on these skills.
  11. Many Bluecoats and Redcoats go on to become children’s TV presenters or Pop stars.