Tips on becoming a top Comedian

  1. Many people enjoy making others laugh and have a natural gift for it but not many get paid to do it so you have to work hard to be a comedian.
  2. A comedian is first and foremost a showman so you need to work on your showmanship.
  3. One of the key skills of any comedian is how to interact with a live crowd. So work on your communication skills and how you address people.
  4. Comedy is all about being fresh and new, people don’t want to hear the same lines over and over again so work on your creativity.
  5. As a comedian you should always be thinking of ideas for new jokes so be sure to always keep a book and a pen to hand wherever you go so you can write all your ideas down.
  6. Comedians need to be able to think on their feet so if you don’t possess this ability you need to work on it.
  7. Another skill you need to be a comedian is the ability to make any situation funny so you need to be a lateral thinker.
  8. Watch as many comedians as possible and watch them live. Go down and see the guy down your local pub and the guys and girls that play the big venues and learn.
  9. Create yourself a character most comedians are known more for their characters than their jokes.
  10. Once you feel confident start practicing your routine in front of your friends.
  11. Once you feel confident doing this enter talent contests or open mic nights.
  12. Some cafes and bars have comedy nights where new comedians can try their hand. Find out if any cafes or bars near you have one if not pester a venue until they do.
  13. Try and get yourself a residency at a local venue which is when you get a regular gig like the first Friday of every month.
  14. If you are confident in yourself and your ability you can start booking your own shows at venues but this can be expensive and difficult. The only other way of doing it is finding yourself an agent.