Tips on becoming a top Dancer

  1. The first thing you need to be is in shape. Being a professional dancer requires a great level of fitness.
  2. At school you should be offered the opportunity of dance lessons or classes but you should also start enquiring about local dance schools, clubs or tuition.
  3. From a young age you should start learning as many dance styles and genres as possible as this will improve your chances of finding work when you’re older though most professional dancers male and female start with ballet.
  4. If you can’t afford dance tuition try and find someone else who is interested in dancing and practice with them.
  5. Watch as much dancing on TV as possible. Tape what you are watching and then try to learn the routine. At many auditions you will be shown a routine and asked to perform it so doing this builds good habits.
  6. Go to your local library and read as many books about dancing as possible, understanding the history and traditions of specific dances can help your performances.
  7. Having great flexibility is very important in dancing so many people take up yoga to improve their flexibility.
  8. Get involved in as many school or local dance performances as possible.
  9. If you know of others that share your passion for dancing start your own dance troop. Arrange your own practices and arrange performances.
  10. Many professional dancers have spent time as cheerleaders for local sporting teams.
  11. Research stage schools and get yourself an audition, many professional performers start at stage school.
  12. Research the best colleges and universities for dancing and apply.
  13. When you are happy with the level you are performing at record a video or DVD of yourself performing and always have a copy with you as you never know who you will meet.
  14. Keep an eye on performing art related publications as well as local and national press for news on auditions for dancers or adverts for dancers needed.