Tips on becoming a top Football player

  1. Join a local club (you can find information on your nearest club by contacting the local county football association and you can find their details by logging on to  Here you can also find out if the local FA are holding any special football days you can attend.
  2. Go along to school, college or university team practises and work towards getting a place in the team.
  3. Take a football with you to school, college or university so you can play at lunch time.
  4. Find out if there are any training sessions, or 5-a-side leagues going on at your local leisure centre that you can join in.
  5. Contact your nearest professional football team and ask if they have a football in the community programme and see if they have any football days or training sessions you can attend.
  6. Devise yourself a personal training plan which involves putting in an amount of time a day training with a football by yourself. Also schedule in some fitness training as being fit and strong is an important part of the game.
  7. Watch as much football on TV as possible and analyse individual players then try and add what they do well to your game.
  8. Ask as many people to watch you play as possible and ask for constructive criticism and take it on board.
  9. Contact your local professional football club and see if you can get information on their scouts and see if you can get one to come to one of your games.
  10. Find a position which suits you the best and stick to it, it’s better to be great in one position than good in many positions.
  11. When you start playing in teams you want to be playing at the highest standard of football possible, this may mean leaving friends or having to travel further to games but you only improve by playing better players.
  12. If you are at school speak to a teacher about the England Schools Football Association, they regularly hold camps and training sessions for the national team and your teacher may be able to help you with getting in one of their camps.
  13. Find out about the county football team setup and try and get yourself to a trial.
  14. Above all keep focused and dedicated but remember football is a game you are suppose to enjoy playing.