Tips on becoming a top Golfer

  1. Start from as young an age as possible. Golf is a sport which requires a lot of dedication and practice.
  2. When you are just starting to learn the game find out if there are any miniature golf or pitch and putt courses near to where you live and give it a go. This can be a fun way of playing and doesn’t require you to purchase any equipment as you can hire it on the day.
  3. When you want to start playing on a full course ring up your local golf course and find out if they have any events for young people going on or if they have anyone who could coach you. Most clubs and grounds have policies on what age you have to be to play the course so check before you arrive.
  4. Most clubs will not let you share clubs when you are going round the course so you need to get your own set of clubs as quickly as possible. Golf is a growing industry so ask a friend or a neighbour if they have a set you can borrow or try and find some cheap second hand clubs whilst you get use to the game.
  5. When buying golf clubs be sure to get a set that are right for your height. This means it can be quite expensive to play golf whilst you are growing up as you will constantly need new clubs so this is why I suggest borrowing or buying second hand.
  6. If you haven’t got a full set of clubs why not just buy a driver and head down the driving range. Your driving and putting are two of the most important strokes in the game.
  7. If you can’t afford to go to the golf course every day have a look at shops in the high street as there are many gadgets and gizmos you can get which help you practice golf in the home but be sure to get your parents permission first before playing in the house.
  8. Another important part of golf is your attire and your attitude. Golf is one of the few sports which has really held on to a lot of their traditions these include dress code and the way you handle yourself on the course. If you are unsure on what is appropriate ring up your local course and find out as they won’t let you on if you are not conducting yourself in the correct way.
  9. Get yourself a job at a local golf course. Volunteer to do anything from carrying bags to picking up balls. At a young age the more time you spend around the game the better.
  10. Watch as much golf on TV as possible. Watch their strokes and their tactics.
  11. Go to your local library and see if there are any books on golf and have a read, all information is important to helping your game.
  12. Enter as many tournaments as possible. The way you get noticed in golf is by the amount of tournaments you have won.
  13. Above all else have fun playing the game.