Tips on becoming a top Hairdresser / Stylist

  1. The first thing you need is a creative flair and a knowledge of fashion.
  2. Before you start getting in contact with your local hairdressers start doing some research get some hair magazines and learn the names and looks for all the different styles and how to treat different types of hair.
  3. Most hairdressers started work as a Saturday boy or girl at their local hairdressers gowning clients and cleaning up. This can give you a great insight on how a professional salon or hairdressers work.
  4. Some salons or hairdressers won’t take you on in an assistant role unless you are studying a hair related subject at college or university so make sure to get on to one.
  5. Attend as many hair events and conventions as possible. Find out what the latest news and products are.
  6. Whilst you are learning you need to gain experience so try and find some people that will let you practice on their hair. To start with you will only get paid in experience for the haircuts you do.
  7. Whilst working in a hairdressers or salon be sure to pay attention to what the professionals are doing and how they are doing it, ask as many questions as possible.
  8. When your employer is happy with your standard they may let you cut clients hair for junior rates. This is your chance to impress as if your boss can see you have done a good job and that the customer is pleased they will offer you work first before the other juniors.
  9. Offer your services as a hair stylist to theatre companies, fashion shows etc
  10. Enter your work in to a hair show or competition. Good publicity like that can get you more work.
  11. When you go full time you have to decide where you want to work or if you want to work for yourself as only you know what you want to do.