Tips on becoming a top Hockey player

  1. The first thing to do is to watch a hockey game to see what it is all about. Hockey is normally screened on our TV’s during major sporting tournaments like the Olympics. If there doesn’t seem to be any on TV find your nearest hockey team and get along to a game. Many villages, towns and cities will have one.
  2. After you have watched your first game of Hockey the next thing to do is to research the rules, equipment and local leagues. You will be able to find much of this information at
  3. Many schools teach Hockey as part of the sporting curriculum so be sure to ask your P.E teachers if you will be doing Hockey this year. School is a great place to learn as they will have all the equipment you need and qualified people to teach you. Also at school it will be the first time many of your peers have played hockey so you will be at a very similar level of skills and confidence.
  4.  If you are enjoying playing Hockey at school find out if there are any after school Hockey clubs or if your School has a competitive team. If they do find out about joining if they don’t try and get them started at your school.
  5. Try and make friends with other people who like Hockey or try and get your friends involved in Hockey especially when you are learning as it can help make the learning process fun and a social activity where you and your peers can help each others development.
  6. As well as being good at Hockey you need a good level of fitness to become a good player. So be sure to work on your fitness and physical side of the game as well as your skills.
  7. Research if there any Hockey training courses or local initiatives to get people in to Hockey are happening in your area. The best places to find out are local sport clubs, leisure centres and
  8. As you develop as a Hockey player and start taking more interest in the sport you need to start thinking about getting your own hockey equipment so you can practise whenever you want. Whilst you are learning you don’t need to invest in the best hockey stick on the market but be sure when buying any safety equipment to buy the best you can afford. If you can’t afford your own equipment see if there are any local or national sporting grants that may be able to help you.
  9. The next step is to find your nearest competitive Hockey team and find out about joining. There are many different leagues with many different standards of Hockey so try and find a team in which you are confident playing in.
  10. As your playing progresses find out if there is a county team for your area. Find out how people progress from playing for their local team to playing for the national team and follow those lines of progression.
  11. Always be looking to be playing against as many different players and teams as possible. If you feel that you aren’t developing in the team or league that you are in try and find another. You only get better by playing against better players.
  12. Hockey is a popular sport at the moment with our success at a national level and with many young people playing the sport including Emma Watson who playsHermione Granger in the popular Harry Potter series of films.