Tips on becoming a top Horse Rider

  1. Horse riding is a very expensive hobby so make sure before you invest too much money to make sure this is something you want to do. You can do this by reading about horses, watching horses on TV or going to see them on a farm or animal park.
  2. Once you have decided that this is something you want to do look in the phone book for your nearest riding school. If there isn’t one near you try contacting farms and friends and see if anyone knows any horse riders that may be able to teach you.
  3. A riding school may want you to pay membership fees but before you invest have a few lessons just to make sure this is something you enjoy.
  4. Your local riding school may have the protective clothing that you can borrow. If not you need to invest in your own as you should never ride a horse without a helmet. Remember when buying protective equipment to buy the best you can afford as your safety is the most important thing.
  5. Volunteer at your riding school or local farm to help look after the horses. This will give you a great insight to the behaviour of horses as well as learning what it takes to look after a horse.
  6. Many peoples dream is to own their own horse but this can be very expensive. Before you purchase a horse you need to know how to properly care for it as well as having a big enough field to look after it. If you live on a farm and if you can afford it then I would advise buying one but just remember the time commitment which is involved.
  7. When you start getting good ask your instructor if they can enter you in to competitions. Most riding clubs will have a competition team or at least let you use their horse for a competition.
  8. At riding club you may have your favourite horse you like to ride but try and ride as many different horses as possible because if you turn in to a professional horse rider you will often be jumping on different horses.
  9. Enter as many competitions as you possibly can to get recognised. With every victory try and enter a bigger competition than the one you just won.
  10. Find out who the biggest and best horse owners are near where you live and get in touch with them. They may only let you work as a stable hand but this is where many start and in this position you may get the chance to show the owner how good your riding is.
  11. The two things to remember with horse riding is to have fun and to look after your horse as if you look after your horse they will look after you.