Tips on becoming a top Mountain Biker / Cyclist or BMX rider

  1. The first thing you need is to practice on a bike. The younger you can start the better. If you can’t afford a bike find someone you can borrow one off and with an experienced biker find a quiet safe area to practice.
  2. Remember whenever you are on a bike to have all the safety equipment on even if this means training wheels when you are learning.
  3. Before you go out on your bike remember to check that it is in a road worthy condition.
  4. Once you are confident on your bike find some designated cycling tracks and start riding. The more riding you do the more you improve.
  5. Bike riding can be very tiring so to begin with only go on short journeys and make sure you have enough energy to get back. Always remember to do your stretches before you go.
  6. To be a good bike rider you need a good level of fitness so be sure to implement your own fitness plan.
  7. As you get better you want to improve your equipment, if you can’t afford better equipment try and find if there is any local funding anywhere.
  8. If you want to become a cyclist the best way to see how good you are is to compare yourself against others. There are more charity bike rides and races every year and this can be a good way to dip your toe.
  9. If you are a BMX rider find out where BMX riders go in your local area and go and show your stuff.
  10. If you are a mountain biker start trying off road terrain.
  11. Remember to always let people know where you are and if you are not confident by yourself to find someone to ride with you.
  12. Whatever you discipline find out if there are any competitions happening locally and enter.
  13. The best way of keeping up on the latest information for your discipline is by buying the monthly magazines. These will give you information on equipment and events.
  14. Once you start getting a reputation for doing well start looking at getting sponsors and entering bigger tournaments.