Tips on becoming a top Photographer

  1. With the explosion of digital media, photography is becoming very accessible to all.
  2. Cameras can be very expensive so before you invest in the latest top quality camera get some photography experience.
  3. The first thing you need to do is to decide what type of photography you want to do. Does developing your own photos in a dark room excite you or do you want to take digital photos that you can edit on your computer? I would personally advise you to try all different types of photography and cameras until you find what you like.
  4. To start with ask if you can borrow your parent’s camera or the schools camera and start taking photos. Before progressing up the price range of cameras you should get an understanding for the basics of photography. Great photographers are those who can get a great picture regardless of what they have in their hands.
  5. Study the subject of photography, find out what makes a good photo and what different styles there are. When you progress to college and university you might get the chance to study photography as a subject all by itself.
  6. Photography can be expensive with all the film, processing and equipment costs so find the most cost effective way to pursue your passion.
  7. Keep as many of your photos as you can and start albums of your work. You may look back and not like the first photos you took but it is good to keep them to show how far you have come.
  8. If you have your own camera take it everywhere with you as you never know when the next great shot may be. If you have an expensive camera it may be worth looking at insurance cover for it.
  9. Keep an eye on trade magazines to keep up to date with all the latest technological updates.
  10. Enter any photo competition you can find. Winning awards can be a great way of getting exposure.
  11. Get involved in photo projects. Ask if you can be the photographer at your friends events like weddings, birthdays etc.
  12. Try and display your work wherever possible and get as much feedback on your work as possible.
  13. There are many different career paths you can take your photography so find one that suits you whether that be setting up your own studio, being a wedding photographer or being a press photographer the opportunities are endless.