Tips on becoming a top Professional Wrestler

  1. Before you sign up for a wrestling school work on your fitness. Work on your cardio-vascular conditioning as well as weight training.
  2. Learn a martial art like Judo. Learning a martial art can teach you great discipline and gives you a great base to work from.
  3. Once you feel comfortable enough search the internet for your nearest professional wrestling training school. Before going and stepping in the ring make sure they have trained instructors and the proper insurances. Going to the best professional wrestling school possible is very important even if it means travelling a longer distance it can make a big difference in your development.
  4. Don’t get involved in backyard wrestling or any activity which is not fully supervised with trained instructors as sustaining an unnecessary injury could harm your development.
  5. Watch as much wrestling on TV as possible, watch as many different styles and shows as possible.
  6. When you are in training always ask your coach for extra help and for his opinions on how you are doing.
  7. Many professional wrestling training schools will be linked to organisations that run live shows or the owners will at least know some people who can get you matches. So when you and your coaches think you are ready try and get a match on a live event card but remember only step in to the ring for your first match when you are completely confident.
  8. When getting ready for your first match the guys booking the show may have a character set out for you but be prepared with some ideas of your own on the character you want to portray.
  9. Wrestling is not just about your skills on the mat. Whilst learning to wrestle you should also take acting classes and get some voice training.  Character skills are just important as your in ring skills.
  10. Another important part of your character is your appearance. If you are looking for a custom made professional outfit to wrestle in it may be worth getting friendly with seamstresses who work with local theatre groups who maybe able to help you out.
  11. Another touch you may want to think about is your entrance music if you know a local band that will provide you an original piece of music which you think sums your character up it can really add to the show.
  12. Volunteer your services at shows to help set up the ring and the arena. Many wrestlers have started working as part of the ring crew and gone on to get a place on a live show.
  13. When you are starting up try and get as much experience and contacts as possible by getting yourself booked on as many shows as possible. The more experience you have with working in front of a live crowd the better wrestler you will become.