Tips on becoming a top Rugby player

  1. Rugby is becoming increasingly accessible from a younger age so the earlier you can get started the better.
  2. Ask your parents to buy you a rugby ball so you can practice your ball handling and passing skills in your own time.
  3. Get involved in rugby lessons at school. Really pay attention to the teachers and always ask them for advice.
  4. Many schools will run in-school competitions between houses and tutor groups so get involved in as many of these as possible.
  5. Go to your school rugby club and join the school rugby team. This will give you the chance to pay teams from your local area.
  6. See if there is a local youth rugby team near you and join.
  7. When you start improving you may want to play in higher leagues so find out which teams have the best reputation and try and get a transfer. You will not become a better player if you don’t challenge yourself.
  8. Watch as much rugby as you can on TV and decide if you want to play Rugby Union or Rugby League when you grow up.
  9. Try and find a position you feel you excel at and keep to that position. It is better to be brilliant in one position than good in a few.
  10. Log on to the RFU (Rugby Football Union) to find out what youth initiatives are going on and if there is anything rugby related happening in your local area.
  11. Whilst your at school talk to your teachers and ask to be put forward to the county side. Playing for county or regional teams is the next step on the ladder towards getting on national teams and watched by scouts from professional clubs.
  12. Above all enjoy the game of rugby.