Tips on becoming a top Snowboarder

  1. As the UK is a warm climate we aren’t blessed with snow all year round so to become a snowboarder your need to put in hours at your nearest dry ski slope.
  2. Most dry ski slopes will have snowboards that you can hire. I would advise hiring to start with until you know this is something you want to pursue as snowboards can be expensive.
  3. Most dry ski slopes will have instructors that will teach you so before you go give the slope a call and find out if there are any instructors and if there are any classes.
  4. When going for the first few times try and encourage some friends to go with you as this can make it safer and more fun.
  5. There are many DVD’s on snowboarding so you may want to get some and learn the basics before you hit the slopes.
  6. Many dry ski slopes are great social venues with many people from beginners to experts on the slope at any one time. Most will be more than happy to offer advice so don’t be afraid to ask.
  7. When you are learning you may want to stick to the smaller slopes and go at quiet times so you are free to practice.
  8. Be sure to wear appropriate clothing when snowboarding. When you are learning you have to be prepared to spend a lot of time falling down so clothing with as much padding as possible is helpful.
  9. Once you have perfected the art of snowboarding you may want to think about investing in a board.
  10. As well as dry ski slopes you need to gain experience on proper snow so investigate the best places to snowboard in the snow and book a holiday.
  11. When you feel ready start finding competitions and enter them, the more you enter the more you learn.
  12. Try and attend the big competitions even if you are not at a standard to enter it can be a great experience being around thousands of snowboarders.
  13. When you are getting a reputation for winning get yourself a sponsor to help you with costs and to help you get to the big competitions.