Tips on becoming a top Sound Engineer

  1. Being a sound engineer can be many different things from working in a recording studio to working on a live news outside broadcast.
  2. The first thing you need to do is to find which area of sound engineering you want to specialise in if it is TV or radio and if it is studio or outdoor based.
  3. Many sound engineers start getting experience by recording their own audio and listening to it back. Many sound engineers come from a music background as being involved in music gives you a great understanding of audio.
  4. If you can’t afford your own microphone to record audio join your nearest Hospital Radio station which can be found by going This will give you the chance to work in a studio environment and using a mixer board as well as access to microphones and the opportunity to conduct interviews and create packages.
  5. Many colleges and universities now do courses in sound engineering so research and apply for the courses that you think best suit your needs.
  6. To gain experience volunteer your services to local bands to help them sort out their audio at gigs and to help record and produce them.
  7. Offer your services to your school theatre department and offer to do the audio for the show.
  8. If you have any local music or theatre venues go down and find out if they need anyone in paid or in volunteer positions and get some experience.
  9. If you have a local recording studio go and offer your services even if this is as a tea boy it can give you a great insight.
  10. Keep copies of all the audio you produce as most employers will want to hear a sample.
  11. Get yourself on as much training as is a good website for finding media training.