Tips on becoming a top Video Editor

  1. Most of the hard work for any TV programme or film is done in the edit room.
  2. To be a good editor you need to be creative and have attention to detail as you can spend hours just getting one cut right.
  3. The first thing you need to is to get some editing software or access to a computer that has some. As soon as you have secured this you need some footage to edit and a way of uploading it to the computer.
  4. Contact TV and film companies and ask them what editing software they use. To get a job working for them you need knowledge and experience of working with industry standard editing software. These software packages can be very expensive so ask your school if they can purchase it.
  5. If you can’t get hold of these packages just try and make the best videos you can with what you have. If they see you can perform miracles with software which isn’t as good as there’s they will be impressed.
  6. To have regular access to footage it helps to be a keen camera person yourself as you can then go and get footage when you want it.
  7. Try and find some local camera people or production companies and ask them if they need a video editor. Ask local companies if they have any video they need editing. Many companies now use videos for conferences, advertising and to instruct.
  8. Always keep a copy of everything you edit as it is good to have on hand to show future employers.
  9. Enter your work in to competitions and put it on the internet on websites like, good reviews and awards can bolster your chances of employment.
  10. Log on to to find out if there are any editing training courses you can get on.
  11. Try and be as good at as many different editing packages as possible because many editors in the industry are freelancers so you have to be ready to move from organisation to organisation.