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Tips on becoming a top Ice Skater
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  1. The first thing you need to do is find your nearest ice rink. In the UK you need to go to to find out this information.


  1. Most rinks will let you hire skates so don't go out and buy any until you are sure this is something you want to pursue.


  1. When you go ice skating for the first time make sure to go with someone for support and balance as you get use to the ice. Most rinks have staff on the ice that will be able to give you a few pointers.


  1. If you want to enrol on a course before you step on the ice go to and find out information on the NISA (National Ice Skating Association) Skate UK programme for beginners.


  1. If after the course this is something you want to pursue now is the time to look in to buying your own skates.


  1. Skating requires a high level of strength so be sure to implement your own exercise programme.


  1. Watch and read as much about ice skating as possible and apply what you learn to your skating.


  1. Many skaters find attending dance lessons helps their performance on the ice.


  1. The next step is to find a qualified coach. If you speak to the people at your local rink they should be able to give you the contact details for local reputable coaches.


  1. Find your nearest ice skating club and join. This can be a more effective way of developing if you can't afford a coach.


  1. Through your club or coach find out about local competitions and enter. Build up by competing in as many competitions as possible and when ready progress to regional and national competitions.


  1. When you are not on the ice be thinking of routines, new ideas and ways you can improve. Always be on the look out for good music tracks to skate to and bring them along to your practices.


  1. Develop a personal training plan. Being a top level ice skater requires a lot of discipline and determination.

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