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Tips on becoming a top Cricketer
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  1. If you are a young person and you want to learn how to play cricket but you don't have a local cricket ground a solution is in hand log on to Urban Cricket is backed by the ECB (England Cricket Board), Urban Cricket is a game that can be played anywhere and the rules are that there aren't any rules; the game is all about getting use to the equipment. They are currently giving away free Urban Cricket sets through the website so be sure to log on and try and bag yourself a set.


  1. Asda are also behind another initiative to get young people involved in cricket call ASDA Kwik Cricket which is another great way to get involved in the game.


  1. Cricket will normally be played during the summer months at school so make sure to get involved in all the lessons.


  1. During the summer months check if your school has a cricket team or after school club and sign up.


  1. When you feel you are progressing you may want to check if you have a local team and join in. Being part of a team is a great learning experience.


  1. Cricket equipment and uniform can be expensive so playing at schools and for clubs can be a great way of keeping the cost down but remember when buying safety equipment to always get the best you can afford.


  1. To develop at cricket you need to be playing all year round so go down to your local leisure centre and find out if they hold any indoor leagues.


  1. To get all year round tuition you need to get noticed by a local professional or county team. Get in touch with them and ask about their youth programmes and how you can get involved.


  1. Watch as much cricket on the TV as possible and try and sew the best bits in to your game.


  1. When you are practising try and become a great all round player as great all rounders are assets to teams.


  1. If you haven't got team training remember to practice by yourself or find someone to train with. You can practice your bowling with a tennis ball against a wall but if you have someone to train with you can work on your batting and catching. Remember to always wear all the proper safety gear regardless of what training you are doing as injuries or accidents can occur at any time.


  1. To be a successful cricket player you need to be fit so be sure to build an exercise programme in to your training regime.


  1. For more information on cricket log on to


  1. Above all else go out and enjoy playing cricket.

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